Ethnic minority soc want to kick politics finalist out of uni for being in the BNP

238 people have signed a petition against Emmerson Collier


Angry students are calling for a politics third year to be expelled because he was a member of the BNP.

Birmingham Uni’s Black and Ethnic Minority’s Association (BEMA) have set up a petition against Emmerson Collier and are urging him to “withdraw himself” immediately.

The BNP have in the past named Emmerson as a local BNP correspondent and activist in Salisbury.

In an online petition signed by 238 supporters, and titled “Fascists out of the University of Birmingham”, they order Collier to leave voluntarily or face “further action.”

The image used in the petition

BEMA want Emmerson to be kicked out of University

The group writes: “At this point in time we offer him the chance to leave voluntarily but are prepared to take further action upon ourselves if he chooses not to.”

The petition links Emmerson to the anti-Islamic graffiti found on campus earlier this year. However, there is no evidence to suggest he was involved.

In the online petition, BEMA says: “The role and function of individuals like Collier and stunts like the graffiti is to normalise this presence and create a climate that both makes such outward racism more acceptable in our society, and instils fear and insecurity within the BME community.”

“As people rooted in and working alongside that community, we put their safety and protection above all else, and have no time for any discussion, debate, sympathy or tolerance with fascists.

“Theirs is not just an ideology we disagree with on political grounds or find uncomfortable in any abstract sense: it is one that actively threatens our existence.”

A BNP webpage confirms Emmerson’s involvement

The petition has sparked debate on campus, with mixed opinions.

Third year Politics student Lewis Hatton said: “Whilst it is obvious that fascist action cannot be tolerated on campus, no-one should be told that they cannot complete an education simply because of the personal views they hold.”

“He hasn’t been explicitly linked to any fascist events or actions either on campus or in Birmingham, so why should he be kicked out of university?”

The petition can be found here.