Where’s our wifi?

University accused of cocking up after builders accidentally cut through wires that provide campus Wifi

Hapless builders responsible for carrying out construction work on campus have been branded “incompetent”, after they managed to sever Wifi across campus.

The issue arose after builders carrying out construction work cut through 96 network fibres yesterday afternoon, which left students and staff without any internet.

The lack of internet meant second year maths students were unable to complete an assessed computer lab.

Students and staff were left without wifi for the rest of the day, and only at 7.30 pm were phone lines restored, causing chaos across campus.

Wired networks, links to the internet, Canvas, ExLibris, ServiceDesk and WCN were restored at 10am this morning however students have been warned that wifi will be ‘patchy’.

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Second year biology student, Anita Hashmi  said she was “far from impressed” at being denied access to wifi.

“It’s not easy to cut through 96 fibre optic cables completely unaware, so I have no idea what they were doing!”

Another student, third year french and law undergraduate Tom Hazell, said: “It’s incredibly inconvenient seeing as so many courses use online materials such as canvas.

“It seems like a real careless mistake to me!”

And Abbie Priestley, french and english literature student, was equally unhappy at the implications that the cock-up had on her studies.

“I brought my laptop onto campus to do work but attempting to connect to the wifi was completely useless and I was unable to access any of my work.

“It’s really frustrating because wifi is so important to students.”


Not the place to be yesterday

Not the place to be yesterday

The University released a statement today

The University released this statement today

Responding to the flurry of angry students demanding to gain access to Wifi, a spokesperson for the IT Service Desk said: “ITS apologises for the inconvenience caused to your studies and work.

“We will keep you up to date via Twitter, Facebook and the status page.”