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This is where all the cast of The Apprentice 2024 went to university and what they studied

Of course we’ve got some netball girlies in there

When we saw the cast of this year’s The Apprentice walk into that boardroom last night, with the size of their egos you would assume they all had seven master’s degrees from Oxford and a couple of PhD’s from Cambridge just for good measure. Obviously, this all came crumbling down when they served fishcake crumble at their corporate away days or when Asif decided to clap when they made a loss.

But a lot of them did go to uni and sipped on the very same VKs as you did in the SU smoking area. 11 out of 18 of this year’s cast went to uni and the rest studied something like business at college and then just went straight onto starting their own businesses.

So this is where all the cast of The Apprentice went to university and what they studied:

Asif Munaf – York


I fear the moment he started clapping last night truly changed the course of history. Dr Asif Munaf went to the University of York from 2006 to 2012 where he studied medicine. He got a pass overall and played cricket and football for the uni teams while he was there.

Flo Edwards – Loughborough


Flo studied fine art at Loughborough University and graduated in 2015. With Loughborough being known for sports of course she was a massive netball girlie at uni with her Insta full of uni netball pics.

She did kind of give off slightly mean netball girl vibes in last night’s episode tbh.

Foluso Falade – Leeds Beckett

Foluso graduated from Leeds Beckett in 2020 where she studied construction management. She also calls herself the Mary Poppins of business.

Jack Davies – UWE

Jack got a 2:1 from The University of the West of England in Bristol in business management. He graduated in 2014 and ever since his Insta just looks like a Love Island contestant’s. Very jealous of his many many holidays.

Maura Rath – Institute of Technology, Carlow


Maura studied art and design at the Institute of Technology in Carlow, Ireland. She graduated in 2011 and has been a yoga teacher ever since.

Oliver Medforth – Royal Agricultural University

Of COURSE, this man went to the Royal Agricultural University, AKA posho central. I mean just look at that Schoffel. Wasn’t enough to keep him in the competition though as he was the first to be fired last night.

Dr Paul Midha – Sheffield

The Apprentice uni


Paul studied Dentistry at The University of Sheffield from 2013 to 2019. He now has his one dentist’s surgery.

Rachel Woolford – Newcastle

The Apprentice uni


Rachel the boutique fitness studio owner went to Newcastle Uni. She studied economics and management and graduated in 2017.

Steve Darken – Aston

The Apprentice uni


Steve studied business with IT at Aston University in Birmingham. He graduated with a 2:1 in 2009.

Tre Lowe – University of West London

The Apprentice uni


I truly need to age like this guy because he graduated a whole 25 YEARS AGO?? Tre studied advertising and marketing at the University of West London from 1996-1999 and got a 2:1.

Amina Khan – UCL

The Apprentice uni


Amina is now a pharmacist so studied pharmacy at University College London from 2009 to 2013 when she graduated with a master’s degree.

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