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Introducing the cast Instagrams of The Apprentice 2024, the youngest candidates yet

Everyone’s parents tonight: ‘Is this The Apprentice or Love Island!?’

The cast of The Apprentice 2024 are about to hit our screens tonight as the show comes back for its 18th series. It’s the usual vibe of candidates that we’re used to, and like everyone else I literally can’t wait to see what kind of ludicrous situation the show puts them in to try and make them look incompetent. This is definitely the youngest cast The Apprentice has had yet, though – so here’s your guide to the Instagram accounts of the 2024 candidates as the show launches tonight. It’s your first chance to get a look at their business and general vibe!

Amina Khan

Amina is a pharmacist, and she’s already built up over 80,000 followers on her Instagram. She fills it with videos about medical issues that she can help with, and insights into her family life.

Dr Asif Munaf

Dr Asif has 100,000 followers on Instagram. A quick browse tells you he loves talking on podcasts about masculinity. I’m nervous.

Flo Edwards

Flo’s Instagram still has under 1000 followers, but it’s filled with wholesome family, holidays and festivals vibes.

Foluso Falade

This dress? I’m shaking. Bit of a queen. Foluso’s Insta is full of professional looking pics of her absolutely serving. Can’t wait to see what she’s like on the show.

Jack Davies

Yep, an Apprentice candidate and not the next Love Island bombshell. A lot of great sunsets on Jack’s Instagram, I must say.

Maura Rath

@yogawithmaura is definitely the campest handle I’ve seen across Instagram for The Apprentice 2024 cast thus far. No pictures of Maura on her Insta, just videos – my personal fave being this one of her doing yoga with her dog whilst Murder on the Dance Floor plays.

Noor Bouziane

No, this is mother. Literally could be Doja Cat. Scouse queen who sells luxury jewellery and has an Instagram that looks like she’s a main pop girl? Going to have to give her that investment here and now.

Oliver Medforth

His Insta is giving two things: Gin and trust funds.

Onyeka Nweze

Everyone on this cast has an Instagram filled with holidays. You have to rate it.

Paul Bowen

I was about to drag Paul for putting his silly little sketch on Instagram but then I watched it and I softened. Northern charm has won me over. Fair play. I laughed. Our pie making king.

Dr Paul Midha

Dr Paul is a cosmetic dentist and, fittingly, his Instagram is filled with his undoubtedly amazing gnashers.

Phil Turner

The other pie fella in The Apprentice 2024 cast, his Instagram is filled with pies. I enjoyed the above day in the life video and you know what? I’d scran one of his pies. Cannot lie.

Rachel Woolford

Oh to be legging it down a beach in Santorini.

Raj Chohan

You don’t mess with the Chohan. Her Instagram is full of luxury looking events and slay mirror pics.

Sam Saadet

SECOND CAMP INSTAGRAM HANDLE KLAXON: @themummy.motivator. Love it. Not a mummy but certainly feeling motivated. Thanks Sam. Obsessed with her captioning a video of her slaying to One Margarita from TikTok with “Mama went out.” Need a wine with Ar Sam.

Steve Darken

Steve has not Darken-ed much of Instagram because he’s only got six posts. Mysterious. I’m intrigued.

Tre Lowe

Thought Tre was going to be a vibe but at the top of his Instagram is a clip of him going on GB News. Um, anyways!

Virdi Singh Mazaria

Virdi is a music producer and his Insta is a huge vibe. Pics of him behind the decks are sick, need to see him showing some tunes to Lord Sugar.

The Apprentice Series 18 premieres on Thursday 1st February on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. For all the latest reality TV and entertainment news and gossip, like Pop Culture Shrine on Facebook.

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