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Mitch and Kady are feuding AGAIN as he reveals she tried to sue him and labels her a ‘liar’

Kady claims Mitch is ‘obsessed’ with her

Despite the fact that Mitch hasn’t even been out of the Love Island: All Stars villa for 24 hours he’s already living up to his messy namesake and has reignited his feud with Kady. So, what exactly have the two been saying to each other this time?

Last year Mitch hit back at Kady’s claims of him admitting to playing a game in the Love Island villa during a messy Instagram live. Kady previously claimed Mitchel told her he had studied every season of Love Island as he wanted to be a “memorable” character in the villa.

Mitch’s first story back since leaving the Love Island: All Stars villa is about Kady

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And in his first post since leaving the Love Island: All Stars villa Mitch said “I’ve had my phone back three hours, no way Kady is still talking about me.”

Kady responded to a fan about Mitch being ‘obsessed’ with her

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Kady was then asked by a fan: “Why are Mitch’s first few stories about you?? It’s giving obsessed.”

Kady responded: “Ugh just gonna address this quickly so I don’t have to speak on it again. It’s BORING.

“The whole of the UK is currently giving their opinions on the show and everyone on it but if I say one thing then omg ‘Nooo WW3 Kady is speaking about me again.’

“So let’s clear this up shall we? I spoke about Mitch on podcasts after season 10 when I was ASKED by the hosts about my opinions of him on the show, other then that I never speak about him off my own back cos quite frankly I don’t give a sh*t as he doesn’t ever cross my brain except when he’s on a screen in front of me.”

Mitch clapped back and accused Kady of being a ‘liar’ and revealed she tried to sue him

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Mitch wasted no time clapping back at Kady about their ongoing Love Island feud.

He said: “I’ll address this and put it to bed, IMO I didn’t treat any girls wrong in the Love Island Games, but because I have a rep for treating girls wrong via TV shows, irrelevant people (Kady) will respond with lies, she lied on all her podcasts about me and whilst we’re on the topic Kady tried to file a lawsuit against me last year but failed just because I responded to her podcast talking about me. Kady stop talking about me it’s weird asf.

“Also – Kady messaged me to squash the beef no more than three/ four months ago.”

And in one final showdown, Kady revealed everything about the lawsuit against Mitch

Mitch Kady Love Island

Via Instagram @kadymcdermott

Kady really delivered the receipts as she responded to Mitch on her story. She wrote: “This is the last thing I will be saying on my story about this individual before I start having to invoice him for my time.

“My management called his old management (before they dropped him) to politely say if Mitch carries on publicly speaking about Kady with false statements about her life prior the villa, we will have to take legal action (we already sought legal advice on this and got told we can proceed legally on the base of slandering) his old management apologised and assured us he will not be speaking false statements on me again which to be fair he didn’t hence why we decided not to take it further to not waste anyone’s time or money.

“Mitch then got dropped by his management a couple of weeks later, then in December 2023 he reached out to my management asking if they would manage him, the AUDACITY.

“But the funniest thing above all is to be called irrelevant by someone who is completely irrelevant – HILARIOUS! For the short time he was/ is irrelevant it was for his foul behaviour towards women which some sadly found entertaining.

“Safe flight home Messy Mitch.”

That was a lot of drama all at once, and I have no doubt that the Love Island stars will continue to keep things very messy between, at this point Kady and Mitch should fight it out in a ring.

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