Most popular I'm A Celeb 2023 cast by Instagram follower gain

The most popular I’m A Celeb 2023 campmates, by who gained the most Instagram followers

Who has been following Nigel Farage? WHO?

Whilst I’m A Celeb 2023 has been on, we’ve all been questioning who the most popular campmate is. Is it the winner? Who we kept voting for trials? Who actually did win the hearts of the nation?

Whilst they were in the jungle, people have been flocking to the celebrities’ Instagram profiles in the tens of thousands, and the cast have seen huge increase in their followings.

Here is a ranking of the I’m A Celeb 2023 campmates, by who is the most popular according to how many Instagram followers they gained whilst in the jungle. Nick hasn’t been included, as he hasn’t set himself up as a notable figure so the stats aren’t public. A humble king.

Frankie Dettori – 20,670

Frankie was the first celeb voted out the jungle this year, so didn’t really get much of a chance to win over the public. He only gained just over 20k followers on Instagram whilst he was in the jungle.

Grace Dent – 23,100

Look, I don’t think anyone is surprised to see Grace pretty low down. She dipped out after a week on medical grounds, so didn’t really get her chance to make an impression too much.

Nigel Farage – 42,480

It looked like Nigel Farage was one of the most popular I’m A Celeb 2023 cast members, making it all the way to the final. But, we can rest better knowing he’s not gained that many Instagram followers whilst being on the show. Phew!

Jamie Lynn Spears – 86,640

Jamie Lynn is an international celeb, and was the most followed campmate before the series, with over 2million on her Instagram page. However, not that many of these followers came whilst she was in the jungle. According to SocialBlade, only 86,640 people followed Jamie Lynn in the last month.

Marvin Humes – 92,550

Marvin already had loads of followers before the jungle. He’s now on 867k, and according to SocialBlade, nearly 100k of those have come in the last 30 days.

Fred Sirieix – 94,260

Fred has gained 94,260 Instagram followers in the last month, according to SocialBlade. He now has just under a million followers overall.

Josie Gibson – 102,930

This Morning host Josie Gibson already had over half a million Instagram followers before the show. She now has over 600k,  having gained 102,930 whilst in the jungle.

Tony Bellew – 126,450

Tony made it all the way to the final of I’m A Celeb 2023, and he was clearly one on the most popular on Instagram like he was on the show, as he’s up there as having gained loads of new followers. In the last month, Tony’s seen a follower increase of 126,450.

Danielle Harold – 135,360

Danielle lasted three weeks in the jungle, and came out as one of the most popular I’m A Celeb 2023 cast members. The EastEnders star has gained over 135k followers on Instagram whilst appearing on the show.

Nella Rose – 148,710

Nella already had just shy of a million followers before the jungle, but she’s proved the public wanted to keep up with her after the jungle, as she’s gained just shy of 150k followers whilst on the show. She’s now got over a million followers.

Sam Thompson – 198,540

According to SocialBlade, Made in Chelsea star and now King of the jungle Sam Thompson has gained just under 200k Instagram followers in the last month. He’s the most popular by votes on the show, and the most popular on Instagram too!

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