Peggy MAFS UK mannequin

Peggy from MAFS UK has finally explained what that creepy mannequin is actually for

Georges will be moving it into a squatting position in no time

Ever since the MAFS UK homestays where Peggy showed Georges around her room, everyone has been wondering what on earth that abomination of a mannequin was. And now we finally have answers, as Peggy explained the purpose behind it on her Instagram.

Peggy explained how much she’s into fashion, and that the mannequin helps her to showcase her different outfits. And Georges even bought her a new male mannequin so she could style that one as well, maybe she and Georges go on double dates with the two mannequins?

Peggy explained that the reason she owns the mannequin is “because although my career is in technology and risk, I have a huge passion for fashion! I have ALWAYS been career-driven, doing multiple jobs at a time but I’ve been too scared to follow my dreams in fashion as I didn’t think I was good enough, but your comments have made me have more faith in myself. This is why Georges got me a male mannequin for our final date!”

And Peggy is well aware that for some of us, the mannequin gives us the heebie-jeebies, writing: “Yes she may be creepy to some (my nieces are petrified of her haha) but I dress her to advertise clothing, accessories and jewellery.” Peggy has a second Instagram account dedicated to fashion where she puts together outfits, with the help of the mannequin of course!

And does this stunning mannequin have a name? Whilst she currently doesn’t, Peggy asked her followers to suggest some names for the mannequin and has narrowed it down to four choices, Dolly, Maggie, Margo, and Minnie.

Via Instagram @peggyroseofficial

And if you’re missing some of the mannequin content then be sure to head over to Peggy’s TikTok where the mannequin regularly appears in all kinds of outfits, where Peggy showcases what she wore that week on MAFS UK on the mannequin. Plastic has never looked so good!


Sorry it’s taken so long everybody here is the long awaited for black tracksuit that I wore during intimacy week! I bought this tracksuit from choice store in Bluewater, but they also have a shop in Lakeside and Romford. The brand/label is Mooch and i wore ir with Christian Louboutin high top suede python trainers….cap is zara! 🤩 #mafsuk #mafs #marriedatfirstsight #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #fashioninspo #offthepeg @ZARA @Christian Louboutin

♬ Collide (Solo Version) – Justine Skye

Can’t believe a mannequin has a better style than I do.

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