Harry Styles The White Lotus season three

Omg guys, there’s a rumour Harry Styles is going to be in The White Lotus season three


Harry Styles fans were sent into absolute pandemonium last week when he confirmed he’d shaved off his gorg brunette curls in favour of a complete buzzcut. “He’s on holiday, he fancied a change,” his mum told a fan, to much online mourning for his floppy-haired era.

But now there’s a wild new theory about why Harry Styles shaved all his hair off— and it’s not because he’s on holibobs or because he’s secretly going bald and getting a hair transplant as loads of people on Twitter still suspect.

An Aussie radio host Leon Sjogren has claimed Harry Styles actually shaved all his hair off for an acting role in The White Lotus season three, which obviously is huge if true. “White Lotus has started casting for their new season, and they revealed that there is a male A-list singer that’s gonna be in one of the roles,” he claimed.

Right, so is Harry Styles actually going to be in The White Lotus season three?

The claim Harry is going to be in season three of The White Lotus has, obviously, spread like wildfire and is being shared (to thousands of likes) on TikTok. “I will lose my mind,” reacted one fan in the comments. “I will simply die,” added another. “Two favourites combines,” wrote a third of the potential casting.

But, as much as his eternal summer vibes fit into the feel of the show, Harry hasn’t actually been confirmed to be part of The White Lotus season three yet because none of the cast have been officially announced by Mike White or HBO.

This hasn’t stopped fans posting about who they want to appear, though. And, so far, Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern, Rila Fukushima, Mahershala Ali and Kiko Mizuhara are all on the list for A-listers viewers want to see in the upcoming season. So, you never know. Keep posting and the producers might just hear you.

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