Harry Styles bald pic

Omg, Harry Styles has confirmed his new bald head in an Insta pic and people are hysterical

Trigger warning: Bald Harry


For the past week, the internet has been in an absolute meltdown over none other than Harry Styles’ new bald head.

Photos and videos of him were taken at a U2 concert in Vegas where he could be seen without any hair and people are VERY upset about it.

Harry’s mum, Anne Twist, recently also confirmed to a fan that he went bald because “he’s on holiday, he fancied a change,” not because of an acting role.

But in a new promotional post for his cosmetic brand Pleasing, Harry shared a new pic and officially confirmed his new baldness.

The caption reads: “Our founder, Harry Styles, toasts the launch of Pleasing Fragrance with friends in London, November 2023.”

Some people like his new hair with one comment reading: “Idk guys I love it personally”  and another “can’t wait to defend this at Thanksgiving dinner”. But most people are still traumatised from the loss of his curls. One of the top comments reads: “Please take this down it is bad for my mental health” and another says: “Where was the trigger warning.”

Apparently, Harry might have also started a trend with Get Hair finding that Google searches for “how to shave head” increased by 83 per cent since he went bald last week. I am literally terrified of the epidemic we are about to step into.

Featured image before edits via Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock. 

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