Harry Styles bald hair

Harry Styles is now BALD so enjoy these 18 memes while you mourn the loss of his hair

Not Harry Styles without any hair to style!

Guys, I’ve got some really awful news for you, Harry Styles is now basically bald. The internet is freaking out because Harry Styles, whose hair is one of his best features, has shaved it all off and got a buzz cut.

Remember the theory going around on TikTok about a year ago that Harry Styles was actually bald and wears a wig? It’s all coming true and seems like some sort of sick joke because our guy is literally nearly bald.

Rumours have been floating around the internet that Harry Styles has shaved all his hair off but now a picture taken of him at a U2 concert in Vegas last week has confirmed all of our worst nightmares and that Harry has actually made a bald move.

So here are 18 memes about Hairless Styles to help you mourn the loss of his hair:

The edited buzz cut I’m crying

Leaked footage of Harry Styles in 20 years time

It’s bad days only from here

Omg not Harry doing this in response to 1989 (Taylor’s Version)

You know when you’re ill and think about the times you didn’t appreciate being able to breathe properly? This feels like that

Not the emotional tribute to his hair

Officially in mourning

It’s giving early 2000s vibes

How dare he!

We are suffering

Someone teach this man to go on a hot girl walk instead

No one talk to me for at least six days

Guys it’s fine he’s not shaved it he’s just taken his wig off!

All the girlies are going feral

Someone BETTER get the glue

There’s no way this isn’t actually him


i refuse to believe hes bald like theres no way… also i remember seeing this vid for the first time and i acc thought iy was him LOLLL #harrystyles #loveontour #harryshouse #harrystylesvids

♬ My Love Mine All Mine – Mitski

Hairless Styles I’m weeping

Bald Harry can’t hurt you, bald Harry can’t hurt you

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