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So more pictures of Harry Styles’ bald head have emerged and I’m holding back tears

There goes hope it was a hoax

I’m sorry to be the one to say it, but more photos of Harry Styles sporting a buzzcut have come out, confirming what we all hoped wouldn’t be true. Harry Styles is officially bald and we are all in collective mourning over the loss of his curly locks.

Despite rumours of Harry wearing a wig which sent the internet into a spiral last year, and the recent photo of Harry, bald, at a concert stood next to ex-flame Taylor Swift, one small part of me still wasn’t entirely convinced.

Maybe it was the blurry photos, or it could have been that the juicy source looked like it could be a creepy text from Ask Bongo. Maybe I was simply in denial. But the new indisputable proof posted originally by TMZ on TikTok shows Harry at the Las Vegas Sphere for a U2 concert with his girlfriend, Taylor Russell, and his new alias, the bald head.

Trigger warning: You are about to see the upsetting reality of Harry Styles bald: In pictures (or grainy video).

Sporting a white T-shirt and bopping along to the tunes, with his hand on the actress’ shoulder, it’s undeniably him. Harry even clocks the camera, with what could be considered a shameful look in his eyes. He knows what he’s done and we still aren’t over it. Who in their right mind did that to him? The shaving of Harry Styles’ head should be one of the seven deadly sins.

I never thought in 2023 I’d see Harry Styles bald in pictures. It just feels premature.

But despite the haters out there and putting my grief aside, I have to say that I don’t hate it. Maybe it’s the white top but he’s giving Skins core. And while I am a huge fan of his long hair, not only because it’s curly but because he wore it so well, I have to say he pulls it off. Smash.

But out of respect for the 13 glorious years we shared with his hair, I have to stay strong; it’s what the barnet would have wanted. Rip Harry’s famous curly locks: 2010-2023.

Featured image via YouTube.

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