An ultimate ranking of all of Harry Styles’ hair eras to help you get over his baldness

Hairless Styles is not the one

So, in case you’ve had the fortune of missing this week’s most tragic news, Harry Styles is now bald. Bet you’re really wishing it was April Fools right about now aren’t you? But no, Harry Styles has had a buzz cut and people are distraught over it.

Basically, earlier this week a really blurry picture of what looked like a bald Harry Styles at a U2 concert was shared by gossip page DeuxMoi and people absolutely lost their minds. Everyone was secretly hoping it was some sort of sick joke until more photos of him with no hair were shared today and everyone’s worst fears were officially confirmed.

So, until he decided to break everyone’s hearts by shaving it all off, Harry Styles has had many a hair era. We had boyband Harry, long hair Harry then short-haired Harry and loads more in between. But which era slayed the most?

Whilst we all mourn the loss of his luscious locks, here’s a ranking of all of Harry Styles’ different hair eras:

5. Bald Harry

In a decision I’m sure EVERYONE is going to agree with, Harry’s new bald era is going firmly at the bottom of the ranking. This video needs to come with a trigger warning because it’s genuinely upsetting. What did he actually think he was doing? Someone needs to teach this man better coping skills because pulling a 2007 Brittany is not it.

I’m not a fan off the buzz cut era anyway, it’s truly an epidemic. But some men just don’t suit them and I’m afraid to say Mr Styles is one of them. We’re going to be telling our kids in 20 years of the good old days when Harry Styles actually had hair and I’m not looking forward to it.

4. Boyband Harry

Harry Styles hair

Via Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock

Fetus Harry is at number four. He was truly in his boyband era here in 2012 and I’m happy for him. I can practically feel 12-year-old me swooning. He kind of was the curly haired blueprint (remember when every one was fuming because Liam started copying him?) and it was the golden era. I can’t help but thinking he looks like he has Lego hair that you can detach here though. Cute but he just looks like a child so not the best.

3. Hat/bandana Harry

Harry Styles hair

Via Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

Next we’ve got when he started creeping into the 2014 edgy Tumblr aesthetic. One Direction’s new album Four had just been released and he was dipping his toes in his rockstar era. He started mixing his clothes up a bit and was never seen without the god awful 2014 Topshop Man hat or a cheeky bandana.

He did always used to dip his toes into the man bun vibe when his hair was this length though which is always a plus.

2. Long hair Harry

Harry Styles hair

Via DFREE/Shutterstock

I feel like a lot of people are going to hate me for not putting this top. Trust me, it was a hard decision but I’m sticking by it. 2015 was when he entered fully into his Mick Jagger edgy era. He started his absolute obsession with Gucci suits and his hair was super long. I can’t help but thinking looking back now though that it looks like it needs a good hair mask or curly cream.

Via Instagram

Remember the absolute CARNAGE that was caused when he posted the pic of his chopped off hair when he cut it to play his role in Dunkirk. That day is my Roman Empire. Real ones remember exactly where they were when Harry Styles cut his long hair off x

1. Short hair Harry

Via Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock

Oh this era of hair I miss you already. He left One Direction, cut his hair, started his solo music career and tried (emphasis on the tried, soz) to launch an acting career. What a time to be alive! It’s changed style ever so slightly over the last couple of years but my god does he look gooood. This has been his signature hair cut for the entire Love on Tour era and we will remember it forever.

People lost their minds when he first his hair short so I hope you guys are all doing okay in these trying times. I need no one to talk to me for at least six days so I can start to recover emotionally.

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