Modern Family reunion

Omg, the cast of Modern Family all met up for a reunion and the pics are SO cute

Adopt me into the Dunphy family right now

It’s been a big year for Modern Family fans. First, these slay pictures of Cam went viral as some of the best memes of 2023. And last night, the Twitter timeline nearly imploded when the cast reunited for one of the cutest meet-ups ever.

Sofia Vergara, Sarah Hyland, Ed O’Neil, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Ariel Winter – they were all there. But Ty Burrell – the actor who played the iconic dad Phil Dunphy – was notably missing and one photo (flowers, framed pic, black outfits) made everybody seriously panic over his whereabouts:

“Holding the pic of Phil like he’s deceased,” wrote one person on Instagram. “Bruh i thought Phil died, i almost had a mini heart attack,” wrote another fan. But don’t worry (!) Ty is alive and well— he just couldn’t make it.

“For 11 years we would take family pictures for Modern Family and without missing one ever, I would always say, ‘now let’s do one without Ty,'” explained Eric Stonestreet on Instagram. “Last night Ty couldn’t make it to our little impromptu reunion, so I had to bring his favourite picture of Phil so we could ‘do one without Ty.’”

So, as your heart rate returns to a normal level after thinking we lost the best sit-com dad of all time, here are all of the other equally adorable photos from the Modern Family reunion, which will have you wishing you could be adopted into the Dunphy family even more than you already did:

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