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13 years since it first aired, here’s what the Modern Family cast are up to now

From podcasts to Tony awards, the Modern Family cast are doing it all

Modern Family stopped airing in 2020 after 11 memorable seasons. In these seasons fans not only fell in love with the characters on the show, but also the actors and actresses who portrayed them – and of course we all still love them now.

The cast members still remain friends since the shows end, with all of them gathering at the weekend for Sarah Hyland’s wedding, so what better time to catch up on what they have been doing the past two years.

Here’s everything the cast of Modern Family are up to now:

Ariel Winter

Ariel was loved by fans for playing the smart Dunphey family member, Alex.

In May of 2022 Ariel told how she, her boyfriend, Luke Benward, and their two dogs decided to pack up their things and move out of LA to an undisclosed locations. Speaking to former co-star Julie Bowen on her podcast Quitters. Ariel explained this was because she hated having her personal space and life invaded by the paparazzi.

Although she is no long in the acting capital of the world, her career continues. She has recently done voice acting work in a video game, The Quarry. She is also set to star in an NBC show, Hungry, replacing Demi Lovato.

Sofia Vergara

Sofia played Gloria on Modern Family, the Colombian wife to Jay Pritchett. Gloria was a sassy character who Sofia portrayed perfectly.

Since the show ended Sofia has been a judge on America’s Got Talent for the past two seasons. Sofia is also still acting and is set to appear as the lead role in a new Netflix series coming in 2023, Griselda. Sofia has also taken a voice acting role in the movie Koati, which is set to release in October 2022.

During her time on Modern Family she married Joe Manganiello, they are still happily married.

Ty Burrell

Ty played everyones favourite character and the well-known DILF of Modern Family, Phil Dunphey.

In the past two years Ty has not been seen on screens as much as fans would have hoped for after falling in love with him on Modern Family. However, similarly to his other co-stars he has done some voice acting. He recently was the voice for the father in Duncanville, Ty clearly knows his niche because in Duncanville he is also a funny, caring and laid back husband and father to three children.

Sarah Hyland

Sarah was the eldest Dunphey child in Modern Family. Her character, Hayley, was your stereotypical popular teenage girl, and fans loved her.

This past weekend Sarah got married to Wells Adams. The pictures that have been released so far are amazing, and show that most of the Modern Family cast were in attendance.

Sarah’s most notable career moment since the end of Modern Family has been her role as the host of the US spin-off of Love Island, perhaps Sarah will begin to stray away from acting.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Jesse was the level headed father to Lily and husband to Cam, Mitchell Pritchett.

Get ready for tears, Jesse was the officiant at Sarah’s wedding at the weekend. It seems the Modern Family cast are also family in real life.

Other than being an amazing friend, Jesse has a lot to show for his past two years since the end of Modern Family. Jesse has released a popular cook book, Food Between Friends. But even more impressive than this he recently won a Tony at the 2022 awards, for Best Featured Actor in a Play, this was for his role in the Broadway renewal of Take Me Out.

In 2020 Jesse and his husband, Justin Mikita, also welcomed a son into their family, Beckett Mercer Ferguson-Mikita, and the Instagram pictures of Beckett are to die for.

Julie Bowen

Julie portrayed Clare, the matriarch of the show, Clare was a typical mum and that may be why fans found comfort in her.

Julie has not done much acting since 2020 when the show ended, apart from when she starred in the Adam Sandler movie, Hubie Halloween.

The reason why Julie may not have done much acting is because she seems to be placing focus on her podcast, Quitters, which she does with Chad Sanders. This a feel good authentic podcast, where each week they interview different guests. Former Modern Family co-star Ariel Winter was one of their guests.

Eric Stonestreet

On Modern Family Eric played Cam, a country man turned football coach and also a loving husband and father to Lily and Mitchell.

Fans of Modern Family will love this, Eric has said he hopes in the future there can be a spin-off show which focuses on his relationship with Mitchell, Eric said he thinks Jesse would also be up for this. Fingers crossed.

Since the show ending Eric has not done much acting, but has appeared alongside former co-star Sofia on screens, as a guest judge for Americas Got Talent.

Eric has also brought a part ownership of a baseball club, Kansas City Royals. Which is where he met his now fiancé Lindsey Schweitzer, who he got engaged to in August 2021, this means another Modern Family wedding could be coming up soon.

Nolan Gould

Nolan portrayed Luke, the youngest Dunphey sibling who much like his father was goofy and adorable.

In the past two years Nolan has not done any acting, however he was signed with to the A3 Artists Agency, which gives hope to fans that he will return to acting in the future.

Ed O’Niell

Ed was the patriarch of the whole family, playing Jay Pritchett, a stern but very loving father/grandfather to all the characters.

Ed has not officially retired from acting, but he has not been featured in anything since the end of Modern Family. Hopefully, this is just a well-deserved break from acting and he will return one day.

Rico Rodriguez

Rico played Manny on Modern Family, the socially awkward child of Gloria.

Rico is unfortunately another cast member who has not had any acting projects since the end of Modern Family, but from the looks of his Instagram he is just living life and having fun.

Aubrey Anderson-Emmons

Aubrey portrayed Lily on the show, adoptive daughter of Cam and Mitch. Lily was sarcastic and had the driest humour of them all, which is why fans loved her.

Aubrey is also currently not acting and hasn’t been since the end of the show. However you can find her on YouTube and TikTok. She has a YouTube channel with her mum, FoodMania Review, which has 41,000 subscribers, however, she has not posted in the past nine months. But not to worry Aubrey is very active on TikTok.

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