Georges hints at Peggy break up since MAFS

‘Maybe I do become single’: Georges hints there’s more coming on MAFS tonight with Peggy

If they break up again I don’t think I can take it

Guys, I can’t deal with this anymore. Despite us only just getting confirmation that he and Peggy are still together, Georges is now hinting there’s still time for them to break up in the last episode of MAFS.

The couple renewed their vows earlier this week, and looked all loved in as the cast came back together for a reunion dinner party. The couple also appeared on Steph’s Packed Lunch this week, and confirmed they’re still together, but not living together.

However, in a very cryptic Instagram post, Georges has literally said there’s still time for him to become single again. What?! Doing a review of the final vows episode, he said: “Stay tuned, keep watching until the end of the series and who knows? Maybe I do become single.”

Honestly, I think he could be messing with us but I genuinely don’t think my heart can deal with this. First I thought they’d never last, then I was backing them as the only couple to make it work, and now he’s joking about being single again. I can’t keep up.

One person in the comments said: “Wait to the end, maybe I do become single? Well there you go! Georges is a free man!” Another said: “Several months have passed since filming. Georges and Peggy could have gone there separate ways by now. I think they all knew it was a risk entering MAFS. Either way, they entertained us, made us sad, and the drama this series was unreal! I hope they all go to do bigger and better things, as a result.”

I just need some answers!

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