A rundown of all the drama from the Married at First Sight UK Christmas special

Adrian got Thomas a lump of coal for Christmas looool

The Married at First Sight UK Christmas special came with a bang and honoured its promise of drama like no other. The were arguments, sly comments and budding romances that no one was expecting and was just enough to fill the Married at First Sight UK hole in everyone’s hearts. Of course the Christmas reunion episode didn’t have half as much drama than last season but it was a close call. If you’re feeling festive and want to relive all the drama from the reunion episode, here is a roundup of all the drama from the Married at First Sight UK Christmas special:

Zoe and Nikita got into a massive row once Zoe began defending Chanita

Nikita was definitely there to stir up drama and that she did! During the Christmas reunion, Chanita and Jordan saw each other for the first time since their split, and Jordan attended with his friend Nikita Jasmine, from season six of Married at First Sight UK.

Nikita, who knew Jordan before the show, told him she loved him as a friend and began to offer some advice about Chanita and Jordan’s failed relationship. Chanita confronted Jordan and asked him why he would tell Nikita “everything”, but Jordan claimed he “barely knew” Nikita.

Married at First Sight UK Christmas drama

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Chanita told the group she would “never have changed” Jordan before beginning to cry. Zoe Clifton was not holding back and defended Chanita and told the camera: “Poking your nose into somebody’s business and saying ‘you should do this, you should do that’, that’s not okay.” Zoe even yelled at Nikita in the dining room and said: “Oi, I’m f***ing talking to you!”

It’s all the drama, I just love it!

Adrian gave Thomas a lump of coal for Secret Santa

During the Christmas special, the cast members all participated in a Secret Santa. Before they began unwrapping the presents, Thomas told the camera he was “so excited” as he “absolutely loves presents”. However, his excitement soon turned sour as he unwrapped a lump of coal. One of the cast members said: “I wonder if Adrian got you that”, with another saying it was the first time “Thomas has been speechless.”

Married at First Sight UK Christmas drama

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Adrian and Thomas were paired up on the show and after a rollercoaster romance, they decided they were better off as friends. Since the show stopped filming, the former couple revealed that they are no longer on speaking terms.

Amy and Johnathan kissed under the mistletoe for a reason still unknown

Married at First Sight UK Sight fans already had an idea of a potential romance between Amy Christophers and Johnathan Wileman after they were spotted out in Manchester together. During the reunion, Amy made it clear she was interested in Johnathan, who was in a couple with Sophie Brown during the show. The two shared a flirtatious moment before they went outside and kissed under the mistletoe.

No one is really too sure why it happened or if they had been in contact before starring on the Christmas special together, but a new Married at First Sight UK couple could be on the horizon.

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Alexis was not pleased with Nikita being at the reunion

Alexis and Nikita were both on season six of Married at First Sight UK together and they weren’t the best of friends after Alexis returned to the experience with Ant, who was Nikita’s former husband on the show. During the reunion episode, Nikita says: “Did you think you were going to have a Christmas party without us, you bunch of filthy animals?” The camera pans to see the reactions of the other cast members, including Alexis Economou, who can be seen doing the sign of the cross as Nikita greets everyone.

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Alexis tells the camera: “We’ve been having a really good, nice, peaceful evening and Nikita has just walked in.” As Nikita greets everyone, she asks: “What are you miserable c**** not standing up for?” to which Nikita replies: “I did actually stand up for you. I did actually stand up.” Nikita then asks: “Did you? Well you didn’t give us a hug.”

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