Tom from The Traitors has confirmed whether him and Alex are still together

Their Instagrams give NOTHING away

Right – let’s not beat around the bush. There’s one major question on the lips of everyone watching The Traitors, and it’s whether Tom and Alex are actually still together after their bombshell reveal to the group that they’ve secretly been a couple all along. Their Instagrams have given nothing away, and personally I thought they must have split since there are no pictures of them together doing the usual stuff that a couple in love might do. But are Tom and Alex from The Traitors still together?

Well wonder no more, because Tom has confirmed the situation. Speaking to Radio Times, when asked if him and Alex are still an item he said: “Everyone’s mentioned that! She’s getting so many DMs from so many guys! There’s been a DM that was like, ‘Ah, you and Matt are such a better couple than you and Tom,’ and it actually gives me so much clarity that people at home actually have no idea about us. It makes me a bit happier that they’re saying this.

“But non-stop, everyone’s asking, ‘Are you still together? Are you still together?’ And we are – but we always have been. We’ve gone through worse.”

Tom also commented on Matt being less than subtle about how much he fancies Alex on The Traitors. “He is obviously gorgeous, I can happily say how gorgeous he and Aaron are. Those two are both fit. It’s so hard. But ultimately, I trust her. We go on nights out – you think that she doesn’t get hit on? I’m so used to seeing it. But I’m very comfortable in our relationship, we’re both very comfortable and both very trusting.

“But yeah it was entertaining. It was quite funny. Although it’s been edited like she says that she flirts, watch it – she never flirts. She’s literally being her lovely self but the thing is, Matt is on it straightaway. Bless him. I was always fine.”

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