The Traitors memes

Prove you’re a faithful and laugh at these 22 chaotic memes about The Traitors

Can’t stop thinking about Claudia’s turtleneck

The Traitors is the funniest and best show on TV right now, period. Bar none! The show is such a breath of fresh air to the reality TV genre, and we’ve all become absolutely hooked on the carnage. The bunch of 22 people cast on The Traitors make it what it is – a ruthless game of lies and deceit that’s resulted in some of the most melodramatic sobs, weeps, wails and storm outs I’ve seen in ages. Someone needs to tell this lot that no one ACTUALLY gets murdered. As with any show this great, the tweets, memes and reactions are absolutely gold – so here’s the best after last night’s episode of The Traitors. You’re welcome.

1. I’m howling at that collar omfg

2. She unquestionably deserves

3. Scream this from the castle rooftops

4. No this is so savage

5. Nah stick a fork in me right now because I’m done


7. He made himself look a right tit HAHA

8. It’s so annoying that she’s accidentally right

9. Screaming at GENTLY

10. She’s kind of a mastermind when you think about it

11. I’d be mortified

12. I’d watch tbf

13. Absolutely bloody delicious

14. Up there with David’s dead

15. Oh I’m polishing that trophy as we speak

16. I can’t get it off my mind


18. John remains pure evil

19. Liccle bit of a piss take

20. Bizarre really

21. The way we all knew but it was still so shocking

22. THE WHAT!!!

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