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These are all the Married at First Sight stars who have OnlyFans accounts

Bronte is the first MAFS Australia 2023 bride to join!


There are a ton of different ways for reality TV stars to make money, whether that’s through cringe sponsored posts or huge brand deals. In more recent years, many reality TV stars have found a new way to make just as much money by creating an OnlyFans account. Former Married at First Sight UK and Australia contestants have done exactly that to make some extra money. These are all the former Married at First Sight cast members with OnlyFans accounts:

Morag Crichton

Morag found fame after she starred in the 2021 season of Married at First Sight UK. She was partnered up with Luke on the series, but things did not work out. One year later, Morag announced she would be creating an OnlyFans account, with the hopes it’d help with paying her rent and bills.

Speaking to Closer magazine, Morag said: “I’ll start off by showing some side boob, side cheek and my vagina. I have more fun taking nudes than I do selling products I don’t care about on my Instagram. I would rather take a selfie of my boobs!”

Morag said she’d be “happy with £1,000 extra a month”. “I’m all about female empowerment and I love seeing myself in that light. I would prefer to go down that route than sit there waiting for my next sponsorship to come through on social media,” she added.

Jessika Power

Jessika Power starred on the 2019 series of Married at First Sight Australia and she became the villain of the show after she left her husband for another contestant on the show. Jessika is said to be one of the most successful reality TV stars on OnlyFans and is reported to have made £45,000 in her first five days. The former MAFS Australia star said her only regret is not starting an OnlyFans sooner. She said: “I wish I had started it a year ago because I would be rich.”

Gemma Rose

Gemma entered Married at First Sight UK as a bombshell cast member in a shock twist on the show. The Devonshire hairdresser didn’t have the best time on the show, after her husband Matt cheated on her with fellow contestant Whitney, which led Gemma to leave the series. Soon after episodes aired of her leaving, Gemma confirmed she had started an OnlyFans account.

Gemma charges £14 a month for fans to subscribe her to channel, and confirmed on her Instagram with a link to her OnlyFans with the caption: “When he says he loves curves”.

Olivia Frazer

Olivia Frazer was on season nine of Married at First Sight Australia and joined OnlyFans shortly after her 10 month relationship with former partner Jackson Lonie. Olivia charges just under £15 a month for her OnlyFans and confirmed that she had made £9,000 in her first 12 hours on the website.

Jackson Lonie

Olivia Frazer’s ex-partner from Married at First Sight season nine also joined OnlyFans. In early summer 2022, Jackson said: “Big venture, a lot of you have already guessed it. That’s it, I’m starting OnlyFans. In the video announcing his OnlyFans he started singing along to Da Ya Think I’m Sexy. Slightly cursed.

Ines Basic

Ines Basic was on the 2019 series of Married at First Sight Australia and made headlines after cheating on her husband on the show with another contestant on the show. Ines has since left her reality TV days behind her and started making OnlyFans content in June 2021. A month after joining, Ines revealed she had made approximately $80,000 from her OnlyFans page.

Speaking with Daily Mail Australia, she said: “My fans are eating up everything I post. I am having to create content daily to keep up with demand so I’m just working. No time to be spending.”

Sam Ball

Sam was on the sixth season of Married at First Sight Australia and joined OnlyFans in 2021. Instead of usual explicit and nude content, Sam used his OnlyFans for fans to have a one on one chat with him. His content included MAFS gossip and fitness workouts.

Kate Laidlaw

Kate Laidlaw was on the Australian Married at First Sight UK series earlier this year and parted ways with her partner halfway through the experiment. In August 2022, Kate confirmed she had made an OnlyFans account with her twin sister, Bec. Kate said she found herself “lacking in self confidence” and was “afraid” to show the real her after her experience on Married at First Sight.

“I’m so excited to be launching my OnlyFans. It will be my opportunity to express all the different sides of me, the unedited version of me. It’s time to show you guys what I’m really about.”

Tamara Joy

Former Married at First Sight Australia contestant Tamra Joy joined OnlyFans back in 2021 and charges $15 a month for subscribers to see her content. Tamara told Daily Mail Australia she had alway supported her friends who had OnlyFans and said the time was finally right to start hers. Tamara set up her OnlyFans shortly after her split with Love Island star Thomas Powell, after three months together.

Amanda Micallef

Married at First Sight season seven star Amanda Micallef joined OnlyFans in 2021. Amanda said her OnlyFans content doesn’t have to be “strictly” porn” and instead said OnlyFans can be used to help educate others. She said: “I’m going to be exploring a side to me that I embrace, and that is my dominant side.”

Mishel Karen

Mishel Karen joined OnlyFans in late 2020 after she lost her job due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Mishel joined the site because she didn’t want her children “to have to struggle to pay bills or be in debt.” Karen reportedly earns between $5,000 and $7,000 a month.

Alana Lister

Alana Lister was the first contestant for her season to join OnlyFans. Alana said: “Women should be allowed to feel sexy.” The season eight stars reportedly makes between $7,000 and $10,000 a month, and found OnlyFans to give her “an empowering sense of self”.

Hayley Vernon

Hayley Vernon joined OnlyFans in 2020 and it was revealed in May 2022 she had made more than $1.3 million on the site. The season seven MAFS star said she has sex for a living and is “absolutely killing it”. In May 2022, Hayley won the Best Newcomer Female Porn Star award at The Adult Industry Choice Awards.

Domenica Calarco

After appearing on Married at First Sight Australia, Domenica relaunched her OnlyFans account and she has made a massive amount of money. “I made enough for a house deposit after the show,” Domenica said during her time on I’m A Celebrity Australia.

Speaking more about her account, Domenica said: “I want it to be a platform like another Instagram where I’m not filtered, where I can say what I want and I can do what I want.”

Bronte Schofield

Bronte became the first Married at First Sight Australia 2023 bride to join OnlyFans after she says her followers had been asking for it. The former bride shared a photo of her in a bikini while on holiday in Bali and captioned it: “You asked for it”, with a link now available in her Instagram bio.

Ryan Gallagher

Ryan Gallagher joined OnlyFans back in May and claimed he made up to $50,000 a month and is one of the most popular people on the site.

“I’m making very good money, between one dollar and $50,000 a month. I’m in the top three per cent,” he said during a radio appearance.

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