Tom The Traitors

Meet Tom Elderfield, the magician getting everything wrong on The Traitors

Howling that his website features a testimony from Logan Paul

The Traitors episode four finally came around last night, after the longest drought ever waiting from Thursday last week for a crumb more drama. And what did we get? One of the most chaotic and melodramatic spots of reality telly I’ve seen in a millennia. Tears, tantrums, storm outs and unhinged behaviour struck all corners of that Scottish castle last night, and most of that was down to magician Tom Elderfield announcing that he was the boyfriend of fellow Traitors contestant Alex.

Uproar occurred, and Tom spent much of the episode in the firing line. But who actually is Tom Elderfield, the magician causing carnage on The Traitors season one? Here’s all you need to know!

How old is he and where’s he from?

Tom’s 24 and is from Buckinghamshire, but is based in London now for all of his magician shenanigans. I mean, he literally refers to himself as ‘London Magician’ on his site, so.

Why’s he on The Traitors?

Tom said his skillset as a magician would get him far in the game, but his words might fall on deaf ears considering not one person he’s accused has actually been a traitor.

“I’d like to think I read people pretty well. If I’m not a Traitor, those Traitors will probably be very scared of me because I’ll point them out very quickly.

“I pick up on the way people are acting, how their energy changes, even the subtlest of things, when their palms get clammy, or their neck goes a bit cold. I’ll be picking up on that as well as how everyone else reacts when someone gets accused of being a Traitor.”

Aged like milk those quotes, I fear.

He’s mates with Dynamo

I feel like becoming mates with Dynamo must be like the highest level of job satisfaction and respect you can get in the world of magicians. There’s a quote from Dynamo on Tom’s website saying “The level of magic produced is mind-blowing and inspirational”. Big words indeed!

He’s also got a testimony from *checks notes* Logan Paul? Who said, “Yo, I don’t get this shit. How did you do that!” Ever the wordsmith.

The Kanye song usage feels like a deep bad omen.

He’s in a relationship with Alex from The Traitors

The two kept their relationship a secret, but we saw last night that that perhaps wasn’t the wisest of choices and might have backfired a liccle bit.

Is he big on social media?

Like his girlfriend Alex, Tom Elderfield from The Traitors has a sizeable Instagram following and now has nearly 30,000 followers on there. He mostly posts clips of his magic work. We need the couple pictures and we need them NOW.

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