Married at First Sight UK stars now

Two months on, this is what the stars of Married at First Sight UK have been up to

From radio show appearances to red carpet events, they’ve been doing it all

It’s been two months since Married at First Sight UK stopped airing and so much has gone down since, it’s almost hard to believe. While the cameras are no longer rolling, the MAFS UK cast have been attending press events, featuring on the radio and even becoming chummy with some high profile celebrities. Two months on since the latest season stopped airing, here is what all the iconic Married at First Sight UK season seven stars are up to now:

Thomas Hartley

Thomas Hartley was the gift that kept on giving on Married at First Sight UK, from constant one-liners to storming out of the dinner parties almost every episode. Since the show stopped airing on E4, Thomas has been getting up to all sorts. One thing in particular has been planning his very extravagant charity event called Icons Only. He’s also been on a ton of podcasts, one more recently being with Paddy Pimblett, AKA The UFC Baddy. Thomas has been up to an absolute ton and there is just no slowing him down!

Adrian Sanderson

Our favourite Captain Curtains, Adrian Sanderson, has not stopped since the end of Married at First Sight UK. From featuring on TV shows to attending the very fancy red carpet events. Adrian has become even closer with fellow co-star Chanita Stephenson and Zoe and Jenna. He recently attended The Gem Appeal gala and got to sing and meet THE Denis Welch. It really doesn’t get any better than that! Adrian also starred on Steph’s Packed Lunch on Channel 4 alongside Chanita Stephenson.

Chanita Stephenson

Chanita was the golden girl of Married at First Sight UK season seven and she is still the ray of sunshine she was on the show. Since the show, Chanita has had endless opportunities and it’s what she deserves! Chanita recently celebrated her 30th birthday and it was truly an event to remember.

Chanita was also on Capital Xtra, Kiss FM, Heart Radio and was even interviewed on Good Morning Britain. It’s safe to say Chanita’s been using her platform for good and honestly, there is no one more deserving. She has also been living it up with fellow co-star Sophie Brown and they attended the Kiss Haunted House party together back in October.

Sophie Brown

Our tech queen Sophie Brown already had a pretty exciting lifestyle before appearing on Married at First Sight UK, and the show has only furthered that. She has been working with make up and beauty brands since leaving the show, including The Diamond Store UK. Sophie has gone back to her day job since starring on MAFS UK and has been letting fans in on what she gets up to in her day to day life. She was also invited to the Kiss Haunted House back in October, and her and Chanita absolutely rocked their Halloween costumes.

April Banbury

April was already pretty established before she joined the Married at First Sight UK cast. The former Miss Great Britain has had her share of red carpet events and glam premieres since the show stopped. April attended the Bros movie premiere back in October, as well as an early screening for Disney’s Willow and The Menu. At this rate April won’t even need to step foot into a cinema. April has been spending a lot of time with her close friend from the series, Whitney Hughes, and they have been attending events and nights out together.

Whitney Hughes

Whitney skyrocketed to fame after her time on Married at First Sight UK and has been attending endless fashion and red carpet events. Usually alongside April Banbury, Whitney has attended film premieres including Bros and Willow. She has also been keeping up with her fellow co-stars that she hasn’t blocked. She recently reunited with Kasia, whom she was close with on the show. Despite not finding love on the show, Whitney has been living her best life regardless.

Zoe and Jenna

Zoe and Jenna are the only couple from season seven of Married at First Sight UK who are still together and they have been the most wholesome pair to ever come out of the show. Since filming, the two have been doing photoshoots together, featuring on magazine front covers and some pretty cool brand deals. They haven’t moved in with each other but see one another as often as possible.

Matt Murray

Matt may not have been everyone’s favourite on the show, but he has since redeemed himself. He recently revealed he only speaks to Johnathan from Married at First Sight UK and they have both attended events and have a pretty wholesome bromance going on. Matt is also in a relationship with season six Married at First Sight UK star Marilyse Corrigan and they have been going from strength to strength.

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