Molly-Mae Hague talks about pregnancy

Molly-Mae says Tommy ‘sometimes forgets’ she’s pregnant and they’re ‘never together’

In an interview she talks about loneliness she’s faced during pregnancy

An interview from a couple of months ago where Love Island 2019’s Molly-Mae Hague discussed her pregnancy is circulating again, now that people are expecting the birth of her first baby very soon. Molly-Mae is currently pregnant with her first child with Tommy Fury, who she left the show with.

Given she said she was past five months pregnant when she announced she was expecting, people have worked out that Molly-Mae’s due date could be in December or January – and in the interview she is seen talking about how lonely her pregnancy has been.

She said Tommy is away a lot with his boxing commitments, she also works a lot, and they “communicate through FaceTime at this point”. She also said her experience of pregnancy hasn’t been like the “dream” other people have, and that she thinks Tommy often forgets she is pregnant.

In the clip, Molly-Mae is asked if Tommy being away for his fights whilst she’s been pregnant has been difficult for her. “Yeah obviously,” she said. “I work all the time, and he’s away working, so it’s just constant. Like, we’re never together.” She went on to say other people have “dream pregnancies” where “they’re always with their husband doing baby shopping and cute things” but instead, her and Tommy “literally communicate by FaceTime at this point.”

The person interviewing her then asked if Tommy has ever talked to their unborn child, which Molly replied to saying no. “He’s not really, I think because he’s been away so much, I feel like sometimes he forgets,” she said. “I’m like, ‘you do understand that I’m two months away from, like we’re going to have a child’. Yeah, sometimes he has to be reminded a little bit because he’s just away in camp land.”

In the comments, some people have been defending Tommy. One person said: “This is so normal. A lot of men don’t realise pregnancy is even real until the baby is born and that’s when they build a connection.” Others have reflected on how sad this must be for Molly-Mae, and have said that pregnancy can be quite a lonely time.

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