Molly-Mae baby shower

From a candlelit dinner to designer gifts: Inside Molly-Mae’s lavish ‘Baby Fury’ shower

It’s okay Molly, I know my invite was just lost in the post x

Molly-Mae Hague gave her fans a look inside her very fancy baby shower as she prepares to welcome her first child with Tommy Fury. In September 2022, Molly and Tommy shared with the world they were expecting their first child together and Molly has been keeping her fans up to date on her pregnancy journey and road to motherhood.

Molly-Mae had an intimate baby shower over the weekend, with close friend and family all in attendance, and it was truly like something out of a movie. It was truly an event to see 2022 out in style, and everyone was dressed to impress. Here is a look inside Molly-Mae’s Baby Fury shower:

The baby shower was called ‘A celebration of Baby Fury’

I don’t think there is anything more wholesome than the name of Molly and Tommy’s baby shower. At the entrance of the baby shower room, guests were met with a huge sign that read: “Welcome to a celebration of Baby Fury”. Molly and Tommy haven’t revealed the name of their baby yet and all fans know is that they are expecting a baby girl in the new year.

Molly-Mae baby shower

via Instagram @mollymae

One of Molly-Mae’s closest friends from Love Island, Maura Higgins, was in attendance at the baby shower and she also gave fans a look inside the lavish event. Behind the Baby Fury sign is what seems to be a person behind a microphone, offering the assumption the guests were sung to during the baby shower.

Molly-Mae baby shower

via Instagram @maurahiggins

There were party favors on the candlelit tables and a truly heaven sent menu

Some of the guests who attended the baby shower shared with their fans on Instagram what the setup of the shower was like. Britney Devilliers was at the baby shower and she posted a photo of one of the party favours to her Instagram story. The favor is what looks to be a biscuit with ‘Baby F’ engraved on.

via Instagram @britneydevilliers

The food menu was also something out of a movie. Guests had the choice of various meals, including a lemon butter and shichimi sea salt edamame, guacamole with homemade paprika spice nachos and vegetable gyoza tacos with spicy lime avocado salsa. Stephanie Lam was on season four of Love Island and she was a guest at the baby shower. She shared a picture of the menu to her story, and said: “A special day today”.

via Instagram @stephanielamx

There was a photobooth for all guests to take photos in

In true any celebrity event ever fashion, there was a photobooth for guests to take photos in and honestly, they’re all works of art. Elle Brown, who was on season three of Love Island, shared two photos from the photobooth on her Instagram, with the caption: “Baby Fury”.

via Instagram @brown.elle

Molly also shared a wholesome picture of her and Tommy from the photo booth, and captioned it: “Mum and Dad”.

via Instagram @mollymae

Tommy gifted Molly-Mae a Chanel bag during the baby shower

In one of the cutest pictures from the event, someone captured Tommy gifting Molly-Mae with a Chanel bag. We can only assume the bag will soon be filled with bottles of milk and pacifiers for Baby Fury.

via Instagram @mollymae

There was a whole ice cream station for guests to use

Just to make things that much better, there was an entire ice cream station at the baby shower. Guests were able to add Oreos, Nutella, Reese’s and strawberries as their toppings. Maura Higgins captured a picture of the station and said: “Baby Fury knows!”

via Instagram @maurahiggins

Baby Fury was gifted with A LOT of expensive gifts

It’s no secret that Molly-Mae and Tommy’s baby will be set for life, but with all the gifts Baby Fury got at the shower, it’s safe to say this even more. Molly-Mae shared a photo of all the gifts she had been given from the baby shower, with the likes of Jo Malone and Louis Vuitton bags making an appearance. Molly said: “Baby girl is surrounded by the most thoughtful friends and family. So grateful”.

via Instagram @mollymae

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