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Here’s how to actually get more matches on Tinder, according to science

Based on what’s trending on Tinder in 2022

Bios are the bane of the online dating world. They’re the online equivalent of giving a “fun fact about yourself” and nobody ever wants to do that. But, luckily, we’ve got some suggestions based on what’s been trending on Tinder in 2022. 

So, in case you’re sat there with a blank white box wondering how best to sum yourself up to a stranger in a way that will make them want to shag you and then love you forever, we’ve delved deep into Tinder’s Year In Swipe dating data report to find all the words, TV shows, albums, and emojis you need to use on your profile for maximum swiping success: 

So, how do you get more matches on Tinder?

Music: Sam Smith, Steve Lacy, David Guetta

It used to be mix tapes but now it’s Spotify linked Tinder profiles that let you worm your way into someone’s heart. And, in 2022, the songs everyone had on repeat were: 

Unholy (feat. Kim Petras) – Sam Smith, Kim Petras

Bad Habit – Steve Lacy

I’m Good (Blue) – David Guetta, Bebe Rexha

505 – Arctic Monkeys

No Role Modelz – J. Cole

Jimmy Cooks (feat. 21 Savage) – Drake, 21 Savage

Anti-Hero – Taylor Swift

Super Freaky Girl – Nicki Minaj

Die For You – The Weeknd

As It Was – Harry Styles

Interests: Trainers, sushi and the 90s

Common interests are obv v important in a relationship and apparently “sneakers” (trainers) were the number one thing people were mentioning on Tinder this year. New Balance, Salomons, Asics–your choice really could determine who you end up with in the long run. 

Other interests in the top ten were:
90s kid
Trying new things
Street food
Road Trips

TV shows: Love Island, Stranger Things, The Crown

Never underestimate the cultural relevance of Love Island. And if you’ve never watched it, now’s the time to start because it was the number one show spoken about on Tinder this year, followed closely by Strangers Things and The Crown. Cancel your weekend plans, it’s clearly time to binge every season.

Emojis: 🅿️, ❤️ 🩹, 🚩

🅿️ was the fastest growing emoji used on Tinder because of the Gunna & Future song pushin P and users wanting to show potential matches “positivity and keeping it real is exactly what they’re looking for.”

The plastered up heart (❤️ 🩹) and the red flag made it in the top three (🚩) too, so clearly everyone was on a mission to avoid heartbreak and toxic energy this year.

Other emojis in the top ten were:








Make of that what you will.

Star signs: Leo, Scorpio, Cancer

If you think astrology girls are icks then just log off because star signs were the most popular piece of information people have been adding to their Tinder bios this year right behind whether they smoke, if they have pets and what their diet’s like.

Leos, Scorpios and Cancers were most likely to include their star signs in their bios (self-involved signs rise up) and, unsurprisingly everyone was most likely to match with star signs that were the same as theirs. Even if compatibility quizzes highly warn you against it.

And where should you go on a Tinder date?

So, if you’ve followed all of these magical and highly data-backed steps to perfect your Tinder profile and a date is now on the cards you might be wanting some tips on fool proof places to take someone for a night out:

Activities: Mini golf, comedy show, pottery painting

Turns out, dinner is dead. And people way prefer to organise activities together than sit and gaze into each other’s eyes over a Nando’s. According to Tinder, mini golf, comedy shows, and pottery painting were all regularly mentioned in people’s bios this year. So, that might be a good place to start.

Anywhere without alcohol

Apparently, everyone now likes to date sober. Fewer bad decisions, more memory of what your date looks like, a greater ability to tell if you actually find the other person funny— we can sort of see the appeal. So, if you’re looking to find the one, it could be time for the terrifying and often awkward option: The day date.

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