Matty Healy kissed fan

‘He smelt of cigarettes’: The girl who kissed Matty Healy has revealed exactly what it was like

She’s married!!

Matty Healy has once again made headlines after he kissed a fan during his Las Vegas show. The 1975 are currently on the North American leg of their tour and if you thought Matty Healy couldn’t top eating raw meat on stage, he has gone one step further with wild tour antics. In a video that has gone viral, Matty is recorded kissing a fan during Robbers and she has since spoken about the kiss we all desperately wish we could one day have.

Speaking with Shit you should care about, Isabella revealed what it was like to kiss The 1975 frontman and how she managed to score a kiss with him. Healy has kissed fans before on his tours but this was the first time in years. 24-year-old bartender Isabella is from Dallas in Texas, but is originally from Mexico. She told SYSCA she had been a fan of The 1975 since 2014 and is in fact married! However, her husband seemed pretty chill about it and even messaged Matty to let him know he had “completed” his wife’s life. A supportive king!

Reflecting on how the kiss came about, it began with a girl asking Healy to play Girls as it was a birthday but declined and instead said “I can make out with you guys”. It was in that moment “a lightbulb went off” in Isabella’s head and she noted what he had said. She said: “He sang Me and You Together Song and the motherf***er looked at my friend and stuck his tongue out at her. At that moment I knew I needed to do something else to get his attention, so I typed out on my phone ‘so we making out?’ and I held it up between songs.” Isabella told SYSCA she knew Healy hadn’t kissed a fan on stage “in years” and was “wholeheartedly” expecting him to tell her to “f**k off or something funny”.

Matty eventually noticed the sign and asked Isabella what it said and asked her if she knew The 1975 song Robbers to which she said yes. “He said ‘okay come here’ and when I tell you I jumped the barricade so fast. No one helped me I did it myself,” she said. When she got on stage, the security told her to sit on the couch and when she met Matty he asked for her name and he walked away. Isabella said:”When he came back to me, and is on his knees, he says ‘we don’t have to snog if you don’t want to’, and I said ‘oh yes we are, yes’. Then he was like ‘okay you sure?’ and I said ‘yes’ and just kept nodding.”

Isabella recalled Matty walking away and coming back to sit on her lap. She said he smelt of cigarettes and he later pulled her from the couch and sang to her and they kissed. “It was honestly just a crazy experience that I never thought it would happen to me, ever!”

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