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Every unhinged thing The 1975’s Matty Healy has done on tour so far

On today’s episode of wild things he has done, he sucked a fan’s thumb…


The North American leg of The 1975’s world tour has kicked off and during every single concert, Matty Healy has done something that you can only describe as just very peculiar. Every single night of the tour, which has been called The 1975: At Their Very Best, has gone viral on social media, mainly because of Matty Healy.

To someone who isn’t a fan of The 1975 or even of Matty Healy, his actions on stage seem absolutely insane, but for someone who has been about for a while, it’s just another chapter in the Matty Healy book. While the tour is still ongoing and their is due to be even more wild moments, here is all the unhinged things Matty Healy has done on tour so far:

Matty began to touch himself a lot during one concert

Now, this isn’t very unhinged but you’ve got to feel for parents everywhere to took their children to see The 1975. They kicked off their tour in Connecticut and a video of Matty Healy smoking a cigarette while his hands were all over his crotch immediately went viral.

Another moment of the Connecticut show was Matty dancing along to Love It If We Made It, with maybe a bit too much power and he stumbles onto the floor. You’ve got to rate the passion.

Matty started to do press ups while performing on stage

There is a lot to unpack with this photo. Of all the things to do, Matt stopped singing and began doing press ups in front of multiple TV screens which seem to have Andrew Tate slapped on each and every one of them. There is no song on the album that warrants this, but each to their own.

During another show, he used an oxygen mask while on stage

If you’ve seen any video since Being Funny in a Foreign Language, Matty always has a cigarette in his mouth. During one show, Matty was recorded using a literal oxygen mask. There is much to think about, but I’m mainly just wondering why?

He ate literal raw meat while performing

In another series of really bizarre events. During The 1975’s performance at Madison Square Gardens, Matty dug into raw meat. Why? We’ll never know.

He sucked a fan’s thumb

As the UK leg of The 1975 tour began, Matty Healy had to do something to ensure people new he was back. After the band performed in Brighton, Kayleigh, a fan at the show said: “Matty Healy just sucked my thumb goodnight.”

In response to the video, one fan said: “He don’t got a single song where he needs to be doing all of this.” So true bestie.

Fans absolutely lost their minds to the raw meat fiasco and Twitter descended into madness:

1. This is where we are now x

2. Just smile and wave

3. Interesting is one word for it

4. A tricky one

5. Lol

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