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A look inside the ridiculously boujie Instagrams of the England World Cup 2022 squad

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The England World Cup 2022 squad have made their fans proud after winning against Iran and offering a taste of football coming home. The England squad all lead some pretty exciting lives, whether that’s spending their time with their wives and children or travelling the world, oh and the big one being representing their country at the World Cup, an opportunity not every footballer gets the chance to do. And the Instagrams of the England World Cup squad show off all that goes down behind the scenes.

The England team recently made headlines after it was announced Harry Kane and Gareth Bale would not be wearing the One Love armband at the World Cup after FIFA threatened sanctions against the captains. They were expected to wear the armbands in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community, due to the penalties on being queer in Qatar. Recently, Harry Kane has been spotted wearing a rainbow Rolex watch, which have led some to assume the England captain is making a statement against FIFA.

The England squad members’ Instagrams all pay homage to their ridiculously exciting lives, giving fans an insight into their day to day lives whilst they train for the biggest football tournament of the year. While your throats are hoarse from singing along to Three Lions on Monday, have a look inside the incredibly fashionable and boujie Instagrams of the England World Cup 2022 squad:

Jordan Pickford

Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford is a man of many facial expressions, to say the least. The 28-year-old mainly shares action shots from football matches, often when he has just saved a goal and everyone is celebrating. Besides from football, he shares photos of him and his wife Megan, and their child. Spoke has been tracking the increase in followers of the England squad members and Pickford has had a 1.75 per cent growth, with 18,163 new followers.

Pickford also shares a load of photos from him on holiday and has visited the likes of Dubai, Santorini and Marbella. The England goalkeeper currently has one million followers on Instagram and often gets a few hundred thousand likes on his posts.

Nick Pope

Nick Pope is another goalkeeper who is playing for the England team. The Newcastle United goalie doesn’t share a whole lot on his Instagram, with only 42 posts. He often shares photos from matchdays and training. Much like his girlfriend, Nick keeps a fairly private life and only shares a glimpse into his footballing life. Pope has considerably less followers than his teammates, with 165,000 followers on Instagram.

Aaron Ramsdale

Arsenal goalkeeper, Aaron Ramsdale, has head off to World Cup with the England squad. Aaron has an impressive 777,000 followers on Instagram and a fair few photos on his feed, offering an insight into what he gets up to outside of football. Along with training shots, Aaron shares photos with his fiancee, Georgina May.

Aaron also shares important football campaigns on his Instagram, including the Stop Online Abuse campaign by the Professional Footballers Association.

Trent Alexander-Arnold

The Liverpool ace, Trent Alexander-Arnold, has a huge following on Instagram with eight million followers on the app. Trent is also a big Formula One fan and shares photos of him at the races and recently posted a photo of him and Max Verstappen. He also posts the most wholesome selfies with his Liverpool and England teammates.

Trent also travels A LOT. His sun-soaked snaps make you really want to give it a try and the whole footballer thing. The Liverpool right-back has visited Los Angeles and the Maldives to name a few. He also shares modelling pics on his feed and has modelled for the likes of Under Armour, Bang & Olufsen and Therabody.

Conor Coady

Forget Jack Grealish’s calves, Conor Coady is going to become everyone’s obsession this World Cup. The Everton footballer doesn’t share much on his Instagram as he only has 74 posts. But when he does share to his feed he posts training photos and matchday shots.

Conor also shares the cutest pictures of him and his family to his Instagram. He has a number of photos of him, his wife Amie and their three children on his Instagram and it’s very wholesome!

Eric Dier

There is just something about Eric Dier’s buzzcut that he just makes work. It has to be made known that the Tottenham footballer has the cutest dog ever who needs to make more of an appearance on Eric’s Instagram.

Along with dog pics and training shots, Eric is all in all a wholesome guy and shares pictures with him and his friends on holiday and at different events as well as with his teammates. Eric has over 900,000 followers on Instagram.

Harry Maguire

Our national treasure, Harry Maguire, does not slow down when it comes to Instagram. With over 1,000 posts, there’s no doubt in finding out what Harry Maguire gets up to. You guessed it, there are a lot of training shots on Maguire’s Instagram but he also shares cute pics with him and wife wife, Fern. Alongside that, Harry also shares photos with his fans as well as brand deal pics with Puma.

Luke Shaw

Manchester United left-back Luke Shaw has 4.3 million followers on Instagram and I’m still not over the cutest father and son photo he shared in May 2021. Besides being incredibly wholesome, Luke often shares photos with him and his teammates as well as celebratory match day pictures.


John Stones

28-year-old John Stones often shares photos of him on match days as well as sharing information about causes important to him. One cause in particular he has shared is with the charity DKMS which helps against blood cancer.

Kieran Trippier

Kieran Trippier is one of the eldest players on the England squad and has one million followers on Instagram. The Newcastle United footballer often shares training shots with him and his teammates on his Instagram as well as loved up pics with his wife. He also shares the most wholesome family holiday snaps with him, his wife and their three children.

Kyle Walker

Kyle Walker’s Instagram is nothing short of iconic. Along with match day pictures and training shots, the England squad member also shares a number of hilarious snaps to allow his followers to see what he gets up to outside of the pitch. Kyle shares loads of pictures with his friends and teammates as well as the best fancy dress costumes you could think of.

Ben White

Ben White doesn’t share a whole lot to his Instagram other than some gorgeous pictures of him and his fiancee. We love a man who shows off his partner all the time!

Jude Bellingham

The country’s current obsession is Jude Bellingham. The 19-year-old made his World Cup debut on Monday and did England proud by scoring the first goal of the match. Bellingham’s Instagram is full of holiday pictures and truly iconic pictures from his goal celebrations at matches. He’s nothing if not constant. Jude Bellingham has received the most amount of followers during this World Cup, according to Spoke. Bellingham has received 971,429 new followers since the beginning of the 2022 World Cup. The internet will break if he joins TikTok.

Conor Gallagher

Chelsea footballer Conor Gallagher is at the World Cup this year and similar to his England squad teammates, he shares match day photos and a flood of pictures of his girlfriend. They are truly the cutest couple you will see all day. Conor has just over 500,000 followers on Instagram.

Jordan Henderson

Hendo! The oldest footballer on the England squad is Jordan Henderson. The Liverpool FC footballer has an impressive 5.1 million followers on Instagram and shares tons of holiday pictures and photos with his teammates and friends.

Mason Mount

Everyone’s favourite, Mason Mount, has the Instagram of dreams. Whether it’s BeReal pictures with Chunkz or wholesome photos with his bestie Declan Rice, Mason’s Instagram is the best out of all the England squad. There is truly something great about Mason Mount and his peace signs in his selfies that makes you want to give him a big hug.

Kalvin Phillips

Manchester City football player Kalvin Phillips has just under one million followers on Instagram and all I’ve got to say is his Halloween costume with his girlfriend is simply iconic. Along with cute snaps with his partner, Phillips shares photos with his Manchester City teammates and wholesome family photos.

Declan Rice

Declan Rice is the footballer we’re  all jealous of, mainly because he is best mates with Mason Mount. Declan’s Instagram has a number of pictures from match day celebrations as well as with his girlfriend. The West Ham footballer is always stylish and makes no secret of it on his Instagram page.

Phil Foden

Phil Foden has 5.8 million followers on Instagram and mainly shares pictures of him training and with his friends watching other football matches. The man never stops!

Jack Grealish

Jack Grealish, the nation’s favourite, has an Instagram page you could look at for years, and that’s mainly because of his sparkling smile. Grealish shares loads of photos from his matches as well with his friends and family. Very rarely does his girlfriend make an appearance on his Instagram but when she does, it makes you realise they are the most stunning couple ever.

Harry Kane

England captain Harry Kane’s Instagram gives off major dad vibes. Whether it’s wholesome pictures that your grandad would definitely set as his profile photo on Facebook or teammate selfies, Kane has got it all. The angles of all his photos just scream dadcore and honestly, it’s a vibe. Harry Kane is the most followed England squad member with a huge 13.4 million followers on Instagram.

James Maddison

James Maddison’s Instagram has a similar dad vibe to Harry Kane’s. Whether it’s the wholesome throwback photos or the angle of his selfies, Maddison has the dad vibe sorted, which makes sense given he is a father. Besides that, his Instagram is of course filled with match photos and pictures with his dog, what more could you want?

Marcus Rashford

Marcus Rashford is one footballer a lot of people look up to, whether it’s his work with children or lobbying the government, he’s got it all covered. His Instagram is mainly photos from Manchester United matches but also pictures with his girlfriend and his fans. There’s really nothing this man cannot do. Marcus Rashford is the second most followed England squad member with 13 million followers.

Bukayo Saka

Saka’s Instagram is just the best thing ever and that’s because he is slapped all over it. Whether it’s pics from movie premieres of him smiling like no one ever has before, Saka’s Instagram will leave you with the biggest smile on your face. Our Starboy Saka has received over 160,000 new followers since appearing for England in the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

Raheem Sterling

Chelsea’s Raheem Sterling has 10 million followers on Instagram, and is the third most followed member of the England World Cup 2022 squad, just behind Harry Kane and Marcus Rashford. Sterling’s Instagram is a mix of match day photos, pictures with celebrity pals or with his family.

Callum Wilson

Another super smiley account from the England World Cup squad Instagrams roundup is Callum Wilson’s. Wilson is a footballer for Newcastle United and his Instagram is full of match day and training shots. Not a whole lot going on but his smile is one of a kind. Callum is one of the squad members who has received the most followers since playing for the team. According to Spoke, Callum has had a 28.65 per cent increase in followers which translates to 220,606 new followers. Must be nice!

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