Reactions to split of SK and Raven from Love Is Blind

These 17 reactions to the SK and Raven breakup prove love is well and truly dead

I demand a second reunion where we get to grill SK !!!

In the last day, SK and Raven from Love Is Blind season three have announced they have split up. The news has come amid loads of cheating allegations towards SK, following multiple woman claiming they were in relationships with him whilst he was also with Raven. Following the Love Is Blind season three reunion, we really thought love might be real with SK and Raven, but the reactions since their split have truly proven we are all heartbroken.

We feel fooled, we feel lied to and we feel like love definitely isn’t blind. This is a petition for a second reunion, just where we get to see SK grilled about everything he’s been accused of. Obviously, right now all of these are just allegations and claims, so please take it all with a pinch of salt and wait for actual confirmation over what has or hasn’t happened.

But, in the meantime, Twitter is sobbing. Here are all the most accurate reactions to SK and Raven having split, showing exactly how we all feel.


2. Yes, I am SAD about it

3. Peak

4. I demand MORE

5. A shocking turn of events

6. The sad, honest truth


8. Looooool enough

9. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster x

10. HOW has this happened pls??

11. :///

12. I was not ready!!!

13. Removing all pics together within minutes was icon moves tbf

14. STOP

15. I have no idea how this has happened

16. She shall NOT be treated this way

17. And to conclude, I cannot say this loud enough

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