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What is Wakey Wines? Everything you need to know about the TikTok off-licence selling Prime

‘What’s the best shop in Wakey?’

A Wakefield based off-licence, Wakey Wines, has gone viral on TikTok for selling KSI and Logan Paul’s Prime energy drink. The £2 has been wiped off Asda shelves by fans who literally run in at the crack of dawn to grab a bottle. Some Asda stores have even forced a three-bottle limit for their customers.

However our cherished Wakey Wines has been attracting people from all over the UK who have travelled to Wakefield to get a bottle of Prime. The TikTok account has gained over two million likes and several videos have well over four million views. The account currently has 204k followers and posts multiple videos in a day.

The shop owner, Ameer Khan, is the main star. He often films a TikTok with his customers asking them “What’s the best shop in Wakey?” and the response is normally “Wakey Wines”. Very good promotion skills to be honest.

There have been claims Wakey Wines is overcharging for bottles of Prime, which has caught KSI’s attention. He said: “Wakey Wines, my man is charging people 20 quid per Prime.” In a YouTube video he urged his subscribers to be patient and buy from Asda rather than pay anything about the £2 price. In one TikTok video Ameer Khan is seen selling one customer six bottles of Prime for £145.


Millie came all the way from castleford for 6 bottles £145 #wakeywines @Millie Hazelgrave

♬ original sound – ❤️Bingo bingo gala bingo❤️

Wakey Wines has big Binley Mega Chippy energy. People travelled far and wide to get to Coventry after the chip shop blew up in a TikTok song. In a recent TikTok video, one person travelled from LA in America for a bottle of Prime which is wild.

The Wakey Wines shopkeeper said his off-licence is “the UK’s most expensive newsagents”. Ameer Khan told The Sun: “Nobody has complained about the price. People leave their phone numbers with me so I can let them know we have some in stock.”

You can find Wakey Wines here: 8 Marygate, Wakefield WF1 1NX. The shop opens at 10am and closes at midnight – happy Prime hunting.

The Tab has approached Wakey Wines for a comment.

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