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So here’s why people are hating on Eden Harvey and why she’s deleted her TikTok account

She’s also deleted her Instagram

Eden Harvey is one of the biggest female creators in the UK on TikTok, however recently she’s had to delete her account – here’s everything we know about why.

Last week, Eden planned to speak at a TikTok event in a big London shopping centre. The tickets were free and she told her followers it was happening. When she arrived at the event no one was there and she found out one of her trolls had essentially booked every single ticket so no one would show. Her fiancé then went out into the shopping centre and stopped to ask people if they would like to come to the event so a few people were sat in the audience.

What happened on Eden Harvey’s TikTok live?

Earlier in the week, Eden went on TikTok live whilst she got herself ready. One of her followers joined the live and said: “Eden, are you okay? You seem to be going through a lot of the same things I have recently.” Eden read this as a hate comment and responded as though that person was a troll. She said: “I think it’s slightly different. But I’m sure maybe we’re both feeling the same. I think mine’s slightly different but it’s not a competition. I’m sorry that you’re feeling shit.” However other people on the live then told Eden this comment wasn’t from a troll.

Why are people hating on Eden Harvey?

A now deleted clip of Eden’s live has been going around on TikTok where people called Eden out for her “rude” response. This clip is from the moments before Eden realises the follower was talking about grief, something she has also experienced recently. Eden says: “Honestly, just don’t try me right now. I am not in the mood. Shouldn’t you always be kind? Yeah unless you’re just pissed off. I’m a human being, sometimes things are annoying. Always be king unless you haven’t eaten. This person says we’re going through the same thing, I’m being trolled by millions of people, I said I’m sorry you’re feeling shit but it’s a very different thing we’re going through.”

As a result of the hate Eden is getting from this live, she has since deleted her TikTok account and also her Instagram. However other big TikTokers such as Emma Matthews and Yorkshire Peach have been speaking out in favour of Eden telling trolls to back off.

The Tab has approached Eden Harvey’s management for comment.

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