Instagram suspending accounts

Guys, we’re all losing hundreds of Instagram followers and here’s why

This is the worst day of my life

All of us are currently being hit with losing hundreds of followers on Instagram and no one really seems to know why. It all started when random people were being warned their Instagram accounts are about to be shut down for good. The messages started earlier today, here’s everything we know about losing Instagram followers and why accounts are being suspended.

Why is Instagram suspending random accounts?

The messages people are receiving from Instagram say their accounts are being closed due to them not following community guidelines.

Instagram suspending accounts

According to Down Detector, a website which tracks reports of internet and web outages, the issues began around 1pm UK time when thousands of complaints were logged. The message suspended accounts are getting says the account holder can dispute Instagram’s decision after 30 days but if the account cannot be confirmed then it will be permanently disabled.

People on Twitter are fuming. One person said: “Did anyone else’s Instagram just get suspended for no reason? And now Instagram won’t even bother to let you appeal, it just gives you an error?”

Another person asked their Twitter followers: “Has Instagram mass suspended accounts? Just dropped about 200 followers randomly.”

Someone else woke up to the news they lost 5,000 Instagram followers. They said: “Apparently there’s been an erroneous mass suspension. Rip to my followers, gone but not forgotten.”

For the people who haven’t had their account suspended, they have logged in to see their followers drop significantly as a result of so many people being suspended.

Meta has said: “We are aware that some of you are having issues accessing your Instagram account. We are looking into it and apologise for the inconvenience.” If your account has been suspended then maybe use this as an opportunity to go and touch some grass or something.

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