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People on TikTok are rinsing Flossie Clegg for how posh she is and how she says ‘dirt’


Flossie Clegg recently appeared on Dansplaining: The Danny Lomas Podcast and a clip of her saying “dirt” is doing the rounds on TikTok. In the clip she sounds soooo posh. In her appearance on the podcast Flossie also spoke about how she doesn’t have respect for men under six feet, why her management had to get someone from her building fired and what type of hate makes her laugh the most. This is everything Flossie Clegg said in the podcast including why she’s being dragged for how she says “dirt.”

‘I refuse to have respect for a man under six foot’

At one point in the podcast Flossie said: “I refuse to have respect for a man under six foot” as they’re talking about height.

Flossie says her whole work life is chaotic, even in her apartment building she’s apparently had people who work there banging on the door at 3am. She said: “I get a lot of PR, I’m really lucky but when a makeup brand sends you something, like foundation, they don’t send you one they send you every shade. So I’ve got a whole separate room that’s for clothes, PR, skincare like everything. I can’t remember the last time I bought my own toothpaste, toilet roll, tampons like the lot.

Her management got the concierge from her building fired

“I get all this PR which obviously I am super lucky for but I hand it out all the time. I am always giving out stuff to my friends and I go home and give it to my mum and sister. So I went down to my concierge, and I was like ‘I’ve got all this stuff, do you have wives or daughters? Go and take it to them,’ and then the concierge was a bit inappropriate with me. He was knocking at my door when I was having an afters trying to come into the party. Then one night I was in bed at about 3:30am in the morning and there was bang at the door and I went up to the keyhole and it’s him.”

She said she texted him asking why he’s outside her door and he allegedly replied asking if she has any designer handbags. Then her management got him fired from his job.

Flossie Clegg is being dragged for saying ‘dirt’

She continued to say: “Sometimes shit would turn up and I would know for a fact I had not given those people my address. And my address had been shared through other companies which is so illegal like you can’t do that. I got sent something full of soil once, it was this eye cream full of dirt and I’m not exaggerating there was no reason for it to be in dirt.”

People on TikTok have been ripping into Flossie Clegg for how she pronounces “dirt” and to be fair, it is so posh. One person commented on the video saying: “The Tory accent, bleughhh.” Another person said: “It sounds so hard being sent so much free stuff! How do you cope with it?🥺🥺🥺”


Influencers these days are so ungrateful, free sand and dirt? Count me in. Podcast out now on all streaming platforms. @flossieclegg @Danny Lomas

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Another person said: “Tone deaf,” you can watch the TikTok here.

Flossie also spoke about the hate she gets too and why it makes her laugh

She said she sometimes regrets putting her life in the public eye on YouTube. Flossie said some people are so “anal” now and will nit pick everything, which she claims has given her thick skin. Flossie also said sharing her relationships online that don’t work out makes things awkward, especially if the other person isn’t in the same industry as her.

In terms of getting hate, Flossie said the funniest hate she gets is when people compare her to other celebrities. She gave examples of Princess Fiona and Greta Thunberg. So savage.

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