Married at First Sight UK contestants called out show

All the Married at First Sight UK contestants who have since called out the show

Johnathan has said he is detaching himself from ‘the whole MAFS UK experience’


Since Married at First Sight UK ended, many of the contestants have called out the show for how they were treated on the series and how their scenes were edited. Whether it was poor portrayals of themselves or only showing one side of a disagreement, the cast of Married at First Sight UK 2022 have had their fair share to say about how they’ve been shown on national television.

Here are all the Married at First Sight UK 2022 stars who have called out the producers:


Gemma was a late addition to the reality TV series. In a shock twist viewers saw her partner up with Matt in the experiment and they weren’t the most agreeable couple of the series. After a series of arguments, Gemma and Matt split and Matt got into a relationship with his co-star Whitney. If that drama wasn’t enough, he’s now rumoured to be dating Marilyse Corrigan from last year’s season!

Gemma has been very outspoken over how she was portrayed on Married at First Sight UK and has even said she regrets starring on the show. During the earlier episodes, Gemma and Matt began to argue over lewd comments made, and as viewers saw it, it was only Gemma who made such comments. However, the Devonshire hairdresser has spoken out and said the sexual comments were not one-sided.

Speaking on her Instagram story, Gemma said: “There have been villains created and things made to look worse than they are. It’s absolutely unacceptable the way you have created these storylines and ruined people’s lives. I didn’t realise things would be cropped out to the extent that they have been to make it look like things are one-sided. What’s worse than me not having the chance to defend myself is that I defend myself and the channel haven’t shown it.

“Anything you’ve seen has been narrated by a story team and it’s all bullsh*t. You watch it as, ‘I want to make my own mind up’ but you’re not in control and neither are we. We didn’t sign up to be characters in a f***ing Netflix show. We signed up to portray real life relationships and how they develop.”

A spokesperson for Channel 4 said: “Married at First Sight UK episodes are carefully put together so that, while we cannot show every moment of scenes that can take hours to film, we ensure that what we do broadcast is a fair and accurate reflection of the events that unfolded.”


Matt was another late joiner to the experiment and was partnered up with Gemma before things went sour. Similarly to Gemma, Matt called out the show for how he was edited in regards to the cheating scandal with Whitney. On Instagram, Matt wrote: “Before doing Married at First Sight I never watched any reality TV, it’s just not my thing – it doesn’t interest me but to now see how people are portrayed and to see how things are edited, it pickles my head. It’s insane.”

Matt added: “One thing I’m picking up on though is if the editing makes you out to be a bad person then it’s all wrong but if the edit makes the other person to be the bad person then it’s alright and it was never the edit in the first place. I think what everyone needs to bear in mind is that if this was all about happy marriage, why would they throw a golden envelope on the table and ask you who else’s partner you would want to be with?”


April was one of the first brides to get married on the show and she was originally partnered up with George Roberts. However, since the show stopped filming, April said Married at First Sight UK “ruined her life”. Speaking to The Sun, April said: “The traumas I have from being on Married at First Sight are ruining my life. I was given six therapy sessions and basically told to try and move on. People say Love Island is brutal but MAFS is 100 per cent worse. No one should apply to take part until they put in place more stringent background checks.”

Last month, George was arrested following three of his ex partners making complaints to the police about his behaviour. The MAFS UK cast member has denied any wrongdoing. April claims that Married at First Sight UK told her to “support” George. She said: “When the show told me about The Sun story, they told me I needed to be there to support George. I felt like they silenced me when I wanted to speak. I feel totally let down.

“I have a welfare officer who is amazing, but it seemed like the production team couldn’t care less. It’s like, ‘sorry your life has been ruined, here is a therapist, get over it, brush it under the carpet and move on’. I am angry.They put this man into my life. I did not choose to have this man – they chose him for me.”

A spokesperson for Channel 4 said: “It’s categorically untrue to suggest that April was asked to take a position against her wishes, nor would we seek to silence her. All cast have access to appropriate support before, during and after filming and broadcast, including access to an independent psychologist. This support is proactively offered at every stage and, where requested, ongoing. April has been offered and continues to access such support. All contributors are subject to thorough background and psychological checks, including the most rigorous police checks a production is able to undertake.”


During the show’s home stay episode, Kwame took his wife Kasia to a park bench instead of his house. Married at First Sight UK viewers were left puzzled over Kwame’s decision. Kwame addressed his choice and said he wanted to shield his children from the characters and later claimed that both producers and kasia knew he didn’t want to film in his home. He further claimed the episode had been edited to make it look like he was hiding something.

He said: “So, about the park bench. When the home stays were approaching, I told the producers that I didn’t want to show my home because that’s where my children live. In London, a window, or a specific angle, people are very aware and can identify where you live. It was a safety concern. There’s a life both before and after the show.

“I made this very clear to Kasia that I didn’t want to show my property and producers said they would find an Airbnb, which she thought was a great ideas. But the day before we were due to film, they told me that they couldn’t find me anywhere. Instead, they had gained permission to film at Coronation Gardens.”

The Tab has contacted Channel 4 for comment.


Sophie was another bride who joined later in the show and she wed Johnathan. Since Married at First Sight UK ended, Sophie has claimed “wholesome” parts of her wedding were cut from the episode, saying viewers were shown a “completely different wedding”.

Talking on her Instagram story, Sophie said: “You can imagine my surprise when I sat down to watch MAFS with my friends and family and a completely different wedding day was shown! Well, that’s what it felt like.” She criticised how she was portrayed as “materialistic” and said all the “wholesome parts” of her back story had been removed. “Conveniently all the wholesome parts were cut out of my back story. I really don’t care what someone’s job is, I am just attracted to drive and ambition,” she added.

A Channel 4 Spokesperson has previously said: “Married at First Sight UK episodes are carefully put together so that, while we cannot show every moment of scenes that can take hours to film, we ensure that what we do broadcast is a fair and accurate reflection of the events that unfolded.”


Following on from the Married at First Sight UK Christmas special, Johnathan has revealed he is detaching himself from “the whole MAFS UK experience.” In a series of Instagram stories, Johnathan slammed his fellow MAFS UK 2022 cast for “inciting hatred” after a Instagram live. Rounding off the stories, Johnathan said: “Since leaving the show and having experienced the level of toxicity that has been directed at myself and other participants, I have decided to detach myself from the whole MAFS UK experience. Thank you to all of my supporters who have followed my journey throughout and who clearly understood the context of my comments.”

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