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Why the hell did Kwame not let Kasia go to his house on MAFS UK? An investigation

Still can’t believe he just took her to his local park bench

In all the drama and carnage of Married at First Sight UK this year, we’ve been entangled in the toxic ways of Matt, George and Jonathan – and have slightly overlooked the real mystery that we need to focus our attention on: Why the hell did Kwame not let Kasia come to his home during the MAFS homestays?

And why instead was the iconic, legendary Kasia had to go and sit with her husband on a park flipping’ bench? Why did the producers allow this? What is Kwame hiding? Free our girl!

What the hell is actually going on with Kwame that he won’t let his wife come to his house? Twitter is running wild with theories, so here’s a thorough investigation into why the hell Kwame didn’t let Kasia come to his house during the MAFS homestays of Married at First Sight UK.

What is this man hiding?

After eight weeks of a process of getting literally married and living in a bloody apartment together, unlike the rest of the couples on the show, Kwame would not let Kasia come to see his house. Why, I hear you ask? We don’t bloody know.

The park… that he takes his daughter to. If my husband took me to the bloody park I’d be taking him to the divorce lawyers.

We demand the truth.

There’s a lot not adding up with Kwame’s behaviour. Coupled with his going to Kasia’s house in last night’s episode and making himself comfy on her bed in his bloody shoes and then laughing whilst she opens up and tells him her inspirational story is making him look worse by the minute.

Does he have a secret wife? Is his house a pig sty? What lurks behind the front Kwame puts up?

Kwame has shared the reason why Kasia didn’t get to come to his house

Kwame said during an Instagram Q&A that he shared an explanation on the show, but that it didn’t make the final edit. Kwame’s reason? “I wanted to protect the home my kids live in with me.

“But I made it clear to Kasia numerous times that I am happy to book an Uber while we were jamming and go to my yard privately, as in her and I, but not cameras showing my road, my living room, my bedroom – that’s too much of me.

“I also kept my kids off the show and all this was fully understood prior to filming by production and K, but that explanation didn’t make the edits.”

It’s still not adding up to me, considering Kasia literally has children of her own.

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