Married at First Sight UK Gemma

Married at First Sight UK’s Gemma claims the sexual comments to Matt were not one-sided

‘I would never do anything to purposefully make someone feel uncomfortable’

Married at First Sight UK contestant Gemma Rose has faced backlash from fans after Matt was shown to grow uncomfortable with her sexual references and innuendos while on the show together. It has been recently reported that Matt allegedly cheated on Gemma while on the show with fellow contestant Whitney Hughes, but Matt has since denied the allegations.

Speaking on social media, Gemma has commented on how she is being shown on the reality TV show. In a series of Instagram stories, Gemma said there is a “narrative” of her that has been created on the show and it isn’t a “true representation” of her. After facing backlash from fans for her sexual remarks, Gemma said she does talk that way and likes the ways she speaks but said she “would never do anything to purposefully make someone feel uncomfortable.”

During the wedding day episode, fans saw Gemma make a number of sexual remarks to Matt. During the reception, Gemma said: “My f**** is throbbing. I need to consummate this marriage.” Gemma’s comments did not sit too well with Matt as he told the cameras: “This actually pushes me away, it makes me go in on myself.”

Gemma claimed there are parts of the show that have been “missed out” and Matt “did contribute towards the things said on the wedding day”, but they were not shown during the episode. “It looks like it was very one sided and it wasn’t. It’s really difficult to be watching it and listening to how this is all going down and hearing some of the bad behaviour on that side and hearing that is not being shown. It’s not fair this narrative that has been created of me. It’s a lot, I just wish you guys knew the full story,” she said.

A Channel 4 Spokesperson said: “Married at First Sight UK episodes are carefully put together so that, while we cannot show every moment of scenes that can take hours to film, we ensure that what we do broadcast is a fair and accurate reflection of the events that unfolded.”

The Devonshire hairdresser has slammed those who have called her a “predator” and said “it’s completely and obviously not true”. She said: “There’s parts of it you haven’t seen and comments that if you saw you may go ‘actually he’s led her on a little bit’. The truth comes out. I’m comfortable with who I am, I have two beautiful children, the best friends and the best business. I’m really lucky. I have such a beautiful life and I need to stop waiting for a relationship to mean that my life is the starting point.”

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