MAFS UK Christmas reunion

Omg, there’s a MAFS UK Christmas reunion special coming with cast from 2021 and 2022

Matt and Gemma have already refused to return

Just when you think we’ve been spoon-fed our final dose of MAFS UK drama, the reveal that we’re getting a chaotic Christmas reunion slaps you round the face like the smell of chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Ho ho ho happy days!

A source close to the show told The Tab that the MAFS UK Christmas reunion is set to be announced in the coming days by E4, and will see big characters and cast members from the 2021 season and this year’s explosive bunch be reunited. Two cast members have already pulled out, so you know it isn’t going to be festive plain sailing.

Matt and Gemma have already refused to return

Matt is currently holidaying with “just good friends” 2021 cast member Marilyse, and a rep told Metro that he’d flown away to get away from the show that he claims “traumatised” him.

“Marilyse knows oh too well how the public reaction can impact the mental health of the men on the show as she saw how it impacted Franky, so she’s being nothing more than a supportive friend to him. So, she’s being nothing more than a supportive friend to him whilst other friends from the show are filming the Christmas reunion.”

Gemma, who was married Matt at first before he cheated on her with Whitney, also has refused to return after slating how the show has edited her.

“Gemma was intending on attending the Christmas reunion as she was asked to be part of the cast but after the show airing and seeing how they edited her she has since decided to not work with Channel 4 again.” Gemma’s rep told Metro.

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