An ode to Topshop: The unsung hero of every 2010 girl’s wardrobe

Joni Jeans, we miss you

Lockdown brought some pretty bad times. Socialising was a no-go, banana bread was on the menu four times a week and a daily walk was the closest thing you got to human interaction. But undeniably, the worst tragedy of lockdown was the loss of our beloved friend – Topshop.

I was close to tears the day it shut down, panicking about where I would now purchase jeans from (I still haven’t found anywhere better). The moment her loss really hit home was when searching on Vinted, I found Topshop tagged as VINTAGE – at this point, I decided enough was enough. As a desperate attempt to deny the fact I probably still own non-ironic ‘vintage’ Topshop clothing,  I will be reminiscing on all the great fashion moments Topshop provided us with and mourn her in the style she truly deserves.

1. Joni Jeans and the MOTO collection

You say Topshop, I say Joni Jeans. I can guarantee if you ask someone what they remember about Topshop, this is the first thing they will say (trust me, I’ve done the research). The iconic jean that inspired a generation – you could spot them a mile away with their renowned fit for someone with the body shape of a small child. They were THEE skinny jean that everybody had to own. It was a pivotal life moment when you finally convinced your Mum to buy you a pair. Owning these meant you could move on from the M&S kids jeans she had been forcing you to get your wear out of, whilst all your cool school friends were wearing Moto Topshop denim.

2. Three for £8 sock deal

Easily, my personal favourite. There was no greater feeling than entering Topshop knowing even if you couldn’t afford the mini black skater skirt all your friends had, your retail serotonin would be boosted by the three for £8 sock deal. From the iconic frilly socks that came in nearly every pastel colour known to man, to the lurex glitter socks you could wear with a pair of chunky sandals for a very Vogue look; Topshop knew how to make you look good, literally from head to toe.

3. Iconic 2012 stretchy choker

No 2012 neck was complete without the accessory to beat all accessories; the stretchy black choker. Every shop had a rip-off version of this memorable piece of jewellery – Topshop was always and will always be a trendsetter – no arguments. It didn’t go with any outfits, but it did go with the inevitable Year 10 emo phase and side fringe – the choker was the pièce de résistance completing your fashion regeneration that you promised your parents “wasn’t just a phase.”

spot the choker

4. Make-Up inspired by the era of the YouTuber

POV: It’s 2014. You open your laptop, switch on your multi-coloured fairy lights and light a pumpkin-spice scented candle, ready to watch Zoella’s new make-up haul. She tries out the new Topshop berry-coloured lipstick, and you immediately HAVE to get one. With its memorable black and white polka dot packaging, Topshop’s make-up aesthetics were unmatched, and perfect for instagramming your most recent purchase that was inevitably going to make you look exactly like Zoe Sugg. I am ashamed to admit that a Topshop nail polish still resides in my make-up bag – only testament, I would argue, to the longstanding and incredible quality of Topshop’s make-up era.

5. The Rihanna T-Shirt (Topman shoutout)

Whilst I shout from the rooftops about how much I miss Topshop, I feel it would be rude not to pay homage to Topman. Specifically, the Rihanna Loud T-Shirt, that no 2010’s adolescent males wardrobe was complete without. Accessorised carefully with a selection of Jesus bracelets and a pair of brightly coloured chinos, this was an outfit every boy knew would impress on a night out – as long as they didn’t run into the rest of the population also wearing exactly the same thing.

6. Birthday present? Sorted!

Topshop was a godsend at any gift giving occasion. Birthday? Topshop gift voucher. Christmas? Topshop gift voucher. Friend going through a break up? Treat them to a Topshop gift voucher. Even if you didn’t know a person very well, you were guaranteed to win because everybody LOVED Topshop – no questions asked. The excitement one of these gorgeous little cards used to excite in me was unrivalled – just the thought of having an excuse to go and sift through the rails and rails of clothing I didn’t need and definitely didn’t suit me was a feeling that has since not been matched. I’m still waiting.

Topshop changing room realness

7. Kate Moss iconic collaboration

This collaboration, with the legendary supermodel Kate Moss, just solidifies every reason why Topshop should NOT have ever closed down. I am still clinging on to a Kate Moss collaboration dress, purchased when I was approximately 15 years old, purely for the nostalgia. Every Kate Moss purchase also came with a personalised tote bag – this only proves my theory that the pipeline from Topshop stan to tote bag girlie was completely inevitable. If queen Kate Moss stans Topshop, then we should also uphold the belief that Topshop was and always will remain the most iconic shop of ALL TIME.

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