All the clues people have spotted Molly-Mae dropped about expecting a baby with Tommy


If you literally screamed when you saw Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury announce they are having a baby, same. The couple, who met on Love Island 2019, posted an adorbs video announcing the news over the weekend, and everyone couldn’t be happier or more excited for them. Fans are now saying that Molly-Mae has been dropping sweet clues and hints for the past few weeks and months that she is having a baby, but what exactly are they? Let’s take a look:

Did she leave a clue in her book, Becoming Molly-Mae?

Molly-Mae’s first book, Becoming Molly-Mae, was released at the start of June this year. A TikTok user has shared an image of one of the pages, which has pics of Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury, where Molly has written: “These are some of my favourite images of me and Tommy. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for both of us. On to the next chapter …”

This is the same as Molly-Mae’s YouTube video she posted announcing the pregnancy, titled “The next chapter…🤍” Coincidence?!


How cute is this little hint in her book 🥹 she must be quite far along to add this in before publishing in June #mollymae #mollymaepregnant #fyp

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How did Molly-Mae hide her bump on social media?

Molly-Mae is queen of the influencers, so as soon as she announced her pregnancy everyone took straight to her Instagram to try and see if she’d dropped any clues or clues there. People noticed that for the past month, Molly has posted mainly selfies or images of herself from the chest up, and she’s worn a lot of baggy jumpers and big coats.

Molly-Mae’s Insta grid, via Instagram @mollymae

She might have left a clue in her Instagram captions

Speaking of Instagram, other TikTok users have theories about Molly-Mae leaving clues in her captions. When she posted her pregnancy announcement on Instagram, Molly-Mae captioned it with: “I can’t wait for the adventures that we haven’t even dreamed of yet 👼🏼”. People are specifically focussing on the 👼🏼 emoji, saying that Molly-Mae has been using it in a lot of her captions for the past few months.

Could be a hint, or maybe she just really likes the emoji? Either way, everyone is buzzing with the news that our Love Island king and queen, Tommy and Molly-Mae are having a baby.

Featured image via Instagram @mollymae

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