Omg! The Byers family home from Stranger Things is currently for sale for only £275k

Joyce is gagged and so am I

The Byers house from Stranger Things has gone on sale and people are losing their minds over it. In the series, the house belongs to Joyce Byers who lives there with her two sons Jonathan and Will. The famous house is located in Hawkins and featured in the first few series is currently listed on Zillow – here’s everything we know about it.

The Byers house is on sale for £275,000

The house officially went up for sale on the 19th of September which may seem cheap considering how famous it is but obviously it needs a lot of work. It was built in 1900 and is in desperate need of new flooring and some new walls. It’s up for $300,000 which is rougly £275,000 which is mad.

The house is located in Fayetteville, Georgia which is where Stranger Things was filmed despite being set in Indiana. TMZ previously revealed it’s owned by seven siblings who were approached by the Duffer brothers in 2015 as they wanted to use it for Stranger Things. The siblings now want to sell the house to someone who wishes to restore – really proves Stranger Things is ending with season five.

The Zillow listing is pretty mad

via Zillow

On the Zillow website, the listing description says: “Ever watched Stranger Things on Netflix?… Are you fan?… THIS is the original Byers house! That’s right the home of Will, Joyce, and Jonathan Byers. How cool would it be to own the infamous Stranger Things house? Don’t get stuck in the upside down though, this home does need a full rehab.” It’s really enticing, anyone got a spare £275k knocking about?

The first image on the listing is even when Joyce hangs all those lights around the house when hunting for Will. But I guess this means things end with season five and Stranger Things fans are sad. In an ideal world it’ll be turned into a Stranger Thing experience.

You can have a look at the listing on Zillow here and contact the agent if you’re keen.

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