Stranger Things fans on TikTok are being told they’re ruining the show for cosplaying

‘The Stranger Things fandom is literally insufferable’

Stranger Things four first dropped back in May and to this day it is still so popular. The TikTok cosplay videos, remixes and lip-syncs have been relentless but it’s done wonders for the franchise. However, fans making this type of content are being criticised by other fans of the show who are saying the cosplayers are ruining Stranger Things for everyone else.

There have been countless Chrissy Wake Up remixes, the first was obviously super funny but fans are saying enough is enough. Anyone who has watched Stranger Things can understand Eddie Munson is a massive icon, but people cosplaying as him are getting hit with so much abuse online. Here’s everything you need to know about the Stranger Things fans who are apparently taking their love for the show too far.

Eddie Munson cosplayers have been lip-syncing to their favourite scenes

Cosplayers have also been serving iconic looks which clearly take loads of time so it’s savage to think people just slate them for no reason other than finding it “cringe”. When you think about it, season four dropped in May and it’s still popular even now because of the people on TikTok cosplaying as Eddie – they are carrying this show!!

In an article by Rolling Stone, TikTok user Naomie Lapointe said she recently posted a video of herself dressed as Steve, socialising with a load of Eddie cosplayers at a fan event. However she then received loads of hateful messages from people criticising them. She said: “A lot of the comments I got were about how ‘new fans’ were ruining the show, or how cosplay is so cringe as if fans of every media haven’t been cosplaying for decades. It discouraged me a little bit if I’m honest.”

Someone released a song about Eddie’s death

As soon as this song was released the immediate reaction was to call out the person who made it and label them as “weird”. The creator, Sapphire, who wrote the song has also written a song about Billy from Max’s perspective. She had to turn off her comments because people were leaving mean responses.

One person on Twitter said: “If I have to hear one more fucking remix of Chrissy Wake Up on my TikTok I’m deleting the app oh my god the Stranger Things fandom is literally insufferable.”

Someone else tweeted: “The Stranger Things fandom on TikTok scares me.”

It’s time to grow up and just let people do what they enjoy! And if that means dressing up like Eddie Munson from Stranger Things then so be it – end of.

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