Um, Maya Hawke has straight up said she wants Robin to die in Stranger Things five

It’s a big no from me

Maya Hawke has revealed what she wants for her character, Robin Buckely, in Stranger Things five and fans are a bit shook. Maya only joined the cast back in season three but since then she’s landed herself the title of being one of the best characters on the show and a fan favourite.

From Robin’s coming out scene to her iconic friendship with Steve Harrington, fans of the show can’t get enough of her and it’s impossible to imagine the show without her in it. However the actress Maya Hawke has recently revealed she wants Robin to die in season five and it’s a bit gut wrenching.

Speaking to Rolling Stone about Robin’s fate in Hawkins, Maya said people are probably going to die in season five because it’s the last one. She said: “I would love to die and get my hero’s moment. I’d love to die with honour, as any actor would.”

However you can stop sobbing because Maya continued to say how she loves the way the Duffer Brothers loved their actors. She said: “The reason they write so beautifully for me and for everyone else is because they fall in love with their actors and their characters, and they don’t want to kill them. I think that’s a beautiful quality that they have, and I wouldn’t wish it away.”

If Robin were to survive the hell that we know as the Upside Down, Maya said she’d be so keen for a Robin and Steve spinoff and to be honest, same. She said the spinoff would be Robin and Steve in New York, just “partying in clubs and figuring our shit out.” I prefer this idea.

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