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TikTok has launched a new instant photo feature like BeReal and people aren’t impressed

It’s giving little sister copying everything you do vibes

BeReal has undoubtedly been the hottest app of the summer, and yet the hype still isn’t over. It’s so popular in fact, that rivalling platform TikTok has launched a similar feature and now offers users the ability to instantly snap and capture the moment at any random point in the day, a feature sounding extremely similar, if not almost exactly the same as found on BeReal: meet TikTok Now.

In an effort to encourage users to stay on TikTok, the platform has seemingly taken a U-turn away from entertainment and towards user interaction, replacing the “Friends” tab on the app with the new “Now”. The announcement was made in a blog post, where TikTok explained the feature and the advanced privacy features.

Sounds familiar, right? The main difference between the two platforms is the video feature which will be available on TikTok Now, whereby the daily prompt will allow users to not only share static photos but also allow them to share a 10-second video – an edge that BeReal doesn’t quite have yet.

But the announcement hasn’t been received well by all. In fact, many people on Twitter are branding TikTok as “shameless” and having taken “a cheap shot” in copying the French app with it being a small and relatively new platform.

In fact, it proves difficult to find many people with a positive opinion about TikTok Now. Most people seem to be irritated at TikTok’s newest feature, coming after Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner publicly called out Instagram “to stop trying to be like TikTok”.

BeReal’s sudden rise to popularity earlier in the year is undoubtedly due to the effortless and unedited requirements and goes hand in hand with the new Instagram trends of content dumps and wide angle shots. And whilst current trends are seeing people post their embarrassing BeReals and their reactions on TikTok, anything closer to a crossover between apps is not being received well so far.

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