Bizarre things closed for Queen's funeral

Just a list of all the bizarre things that are banned or closed out of respect for the Queen

You’d better hope your car doesn’t break down on Monday x

Over the past week, takeaways, high street shops and supermarkets have all announced stores will be closed on the day of the Queen’s funeral to allow for its employees to pay their respects. But this is just where the fun-sucking starts; in fact there are seemingly thousands of things Brits are banned from doing on Monday. So buckle up for another day on this silly little island, and acquaint yourself with a huge (and growing!) list of bizarre things closed for the Queen’s funeral:

Center Parcs announced it would close its UK villages on the day of the Queen’s funeral

On Tuesday 13th September, Center Parcs announced it would be closing all of its UK villages on Monday 19th September “as a mark of respect” and to allow its colleagues “to be part of this historic moment”. Guests who were due to arrive on the Monday were told not to travel and the villages would reopen on Tuesday.

However, it then backtracked on the decision to ban holidaymakers from staying at its resorts and instead have allowed customers to stay but they will not be able to use any facilities. Center Parcs has also offered a 17 per cent refund to the lodge cost to affected guests. It’s chaos!

Morrisons turned off its self checkout beeps as a mark of respect

One supermarket that has had people scratching their heads in confusion is Morrisons. In a Reddit post, a customer explained people were struggling to know if their items were being scanned on the self checkout as the beeping sounds had been turned off. After asking a staff member, they were told the store had “turned of all beeps as a sign of respect” during the period of national mourning. Normal!

In all Morrisons stores it isn’t just checkout beeps that have been turned off. Music and tannoy announcements have all been turned off as a mark of respect.

A bike rack in Norwich was closed and will continue to be over the period of national mourning

An image went viral on Twitter of a sign by Norwich City Council attached to a cycle rack, telling people it would be closed for two weeks during the period of national mourning. Cyclists were told that their bikes would be removed if left on the rack. The sign reads: “This cycle rack will be closed from Friday 9th September until Wednesday 21st September. If you leave your cycle here between these times it may be removed.”

Norwich City Council responded to their bicycle rack action and said: “As part of our careful and respectful response to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II we have closed one cycle rack outside City Hall which is within the designated area where people can lay their floral tributes. The sign is in place to help ensure the flowers that people have so carefully laid in place to pay tribute to the Queen aren’t damaged by people accessing their bicycles.”

The City Council confirmed all other bike racks in the city remain open.

The official UK government and parliament petitions website has been suspended

One Twitter user noticed the official Government petition site had been paused following the announcement of the Queen’s death. On the website, the announcement reads: “Following the sad announcement of the passing of Her late Majesty The Queen, petitioning has been paused until further notice.”

TfL banned buskings on the Tube for 10 days

Transport for London has taken action on the tube network and has paused its busking schemes during the period of national mourning. A spokesperson for TfL said: “During the period of national mourning, we have taken the decision to pause the busking scheme across our network, and we will reopen the scheme following this.”

TfL’s decision has faced a lot of backlash from musicians and author Philip Pullman weighed in and said: “What a miserable, mean cast of mind this reveals.”

The Met Office said it would only post daily forecasts and warnings as a mark of respect

The Met Office announced it would be limiting its posts on social media to weather forecasts and warnings only. In a tweet, the Met Office said: “We are saddened by the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Our thoughts are with her family and all those affected by this news. As a mark of respect during this time of national mourning we will only be posting daily forecasts and warnings.”

It later clarified it would stop posting “non-operational” content on Twitter to allow the public to focus on “any potential impactful weather” during the mourning period.

A car breakdown service said it would be closed on the Queen’s funeral as a mark of respect

Car breakdown service CoverMy sent an email to its customers confirming it will be closed for the Queen’s State Funeral and will reopen as normal the following day.

People won’t be able to watch anything else other than the Queen’s funeral at the cinema

Cinemas across the UK have announced they will remain open on the day of the Queen’s funeral to screen the livestream to the public for free. Vue, Curzon and smaller independent chains have made plans to screen the funeral for the public. The venues will be providing just water and snacks cannot be brought in.

ASOS confirmed it won’t be delivering orders on Monday

A major blow to shopaholics as fashion retailer ASOS has confirmed it will not be delivering orders on the day of the Queen’s funeral as a mark of respect. An ASOS spokesperson said: “To confirm, ASOS will operate its usual bank holiday plan on the day of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

“The majority of ASOS staff will not be working and our carrier partners will not be delivering – customer delivery schedules will be updated accordingly.”

Waste recycling centres will be closed for the Queen’s funeral

Multiple councils have announced its residents will not be able to recycle their waste following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Lincolnshire County Council was among the councils which have closed its recycling centres.

In a tweet, the County Council said: “To allow our staff to pay their respects, our household waste recycling centres will be closed for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral on Monday 19th September.”

Popular takeaways, supermarkets and high street shops will all be closed for the funeral

Over the past week, popular takeaways including McDonald’s and Greggs announced its stores would be closed to allow its colleagues to pay their respects to the late monarch. All major supermarkets including Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda all confirmed its stores would not be open during the Queen’s funeral as a mark of respect. It does not stop there as multiple high street shops including Primark and Zara confirmed its stores would also be closed on Monday 19th September.

Oh! And not to mention all the other funerals being postponed, cancer treatments being rescheduled and food banks being closed on Monday.

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