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Who are Thomas and Adrian? The bickering couple making MAFS UK worth watching

‘There’d be no show without them’

The latest season of Married at First Sight UK is well under way on E4, with the couples already married off to their stranger partners, the first commitment ceremonies and dinner parties completed and living together thoroughly beginning. It’s been a drama fuelled season so far, but there’s one couple whose rollercoaster ups and downs has had everyone demanding Thomas and Adrian from MAFS UK get their own spin off.

But who exactly are Thomas and Adrian from MAFS UK? Here’s everything you need to know about the Scouse couple.

Thomas Hartley, 31 – @thomashartleyofficial

Thomas is from Liverpool, which no one in the world would ever doubt as soon as he opens his mouth and the iconic accent comes out. Thomas works as a mental health care assistant and has spoken a lot on the first few episodes of the show about how much he loves his job and finds it meaningful.

Thomas is a huge character, full of personality with a great sense of humour and a flair for the dramatics. He’s also a masterful and quick witted insulter, having made us all laugh out loud in disbelief as he compared his new husband to Clare Balding and H from Steps. Clare Balding I could live with, but if someone compared me to H from Steps I’d have to go into hiding I fear.

Thomas’ vibey Instagram shows that he lives a big out and proud life, breaking down gender norms with makeup and risqué outfits. He’s also recently gone sober, posting a statement on Instagram about it.

Adrian Sanderson, 37 – @adriansanderson 

37-year-old Adrian is a digital designer based in Manchester, but originally from Huyton on the outskirts of Liverpool. He describes himself as a reformed serial dater, who after spending the last three years having crappy dates is ready to meet the right person and settle down. He loves dinner parties and movie nights, but his real passion is musical theatre.

Adrian’s Insta bio says that he’s “Here to prove that blondes do have more fun”, and despite his husband’s Clare Balding / H from Steps jibes the blonde curtains hairstyle seems here to stay. Honestly, I think it’s a vibe. He looks hot!

As Adrian proves on the show last night, he’s also a really talented musical theatre performer. On his Instagram, Adrian said “this means the world to me – the first time I have sang on stage in years. Thank you so much for the experience Married at First Sight UK.”

Everyone is obsessed with them

Thomas and Adrian have argued on and off for the whole season, and everyone is obsessed to be honest. Twitter is filled with tweets declaring them as iconic, “Carrying the show” and people wanting them to get their own spin off.

Are Thomas and Adrian from MAFS UK still together?

We don’t know yet if Thomas and Adrian’s marriage works out, but if I had to hazard a very educated estimative guess, I’d conclude it with a big whopping: No. Thomas has thrown shade a number of times on lives towards Adrian and I’m really not feeling a crumb of romantic chemistry.

But time will tell!

Married at First Sight UK continues on E4 at 9pm Monday to Thursday.

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