Married at First Sight UK ages

How old are all the Married at First Sight UK 2022 cast members?

The biggest age gap is eight years

Married at First Sight UK is back on our screens and having already seen a few nuptials take place, there are some pretty big age gaps between a few of the couples. In past seasons, there have been 12 year age gaps between the most compatible couples who are still together to this day and it really makes you think the experts do know exactly what they’re doing. So, what are the ages of all the Married at First Sight UK 2022 cast members, and who is the youngest contestant out of the bunch?


Adrian, or H from Steps as his husband suggested, is 37 years old. He and his husband Thomas have a six year age gap.


Thomas is a mental health care assistant from Liverpool and is 31 years old. His was one of the first weddings, and he married Adrian.


Duka, who has had a tricky start to his marriage with Whitney, is 31 years old.


Whitney is also 31, like her husband Duka.


George is one of the older grooms on this year’s show. The dad of four is 40 years old.


April is 32 years old and has a eight year age gap between her and her husband, George.


One of the most wholesome cast members is Jordan. He is 29 years old and is from Darlington, making him the youngest groom on the series.


Chanita and Jordan’s wedding was the first in the series, and absolutely everyone is rooting for them. Like Jordan, she is also 29 years old and is also the youngest bride on the series.


Kwame is a 42-year-old business owner from London.


Kasia is six years younger than her husband at 36 years old.


Stripper Pjay, who had a rocky start to his wedding day, is 31 years old.


Dental hygienist Jess is also 31 years old like her husband.


Richie is the oldest contestant on the show. The Sheffield based musician is 51 years old.


Lara’s age will shock you because she looks damn good for 49 years old. She and her husband Richie have a two year age gap.


Jenna owns a small business and is from Blackpool and she is 32 years old.


Zoe is only two years younger than her wife Jenna, and is 30 years old.

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