So, will pubs and shops be open on the bank holiday for the Queen’s funeral?

It’s completely down to the employers


Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, her son, Prince Charles became King. During a ceremony in London, King Charles III confirmed a one-off bank holiday to allow the British public to pay their respects to the Queen on Monday 19th September.  But given the late notice of the bank holiday, will all shops, pubs and restaurants be closed? Here is everything you need to know about the rules of the bank holiday:

Shops do not have to close on the bank holiday

Shops will not have to close on the day of the Queen’s funeral, but some may decide to do so out of respect. The opening hours of retailers may change but it is ultimately at the discretion of the businesses themselves. The Government said: “Some businesses may wish to consider closing or postponing events, especially on the day of the state funeral, however, this is at the discretion of individual businesses.”

John Lewis, Waitrose and Primark have all confirmed its stores will not be open on Monday 19th September. Larger Tesco stores will be shut all day on the funeral, with Express stores remaining closed until 5 pm. Aldi and Poundland have also announced its stores will also be closed on the day of the funeral.

Will pubs be closed on the Queen’s funeral?

It is entirely up to the pub whether they decided to close or stay open on the bank holiday. It is expected that pubs will remain open to allow for mourners to collectively raise a pint to the late Queen.

James Anderson, from leading hospitality licensing solicitors Poppleston Allen, said: “There is no licensing condition or law stating pubs, bars, restaurants or any other venue serving alcohol needs to shut during the mourning period or for Her Majesty’s funeral. Licensees and landlords are able to make decisions themselves on the most appropriate way to pay tribute, including if they wish to close.”

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Employers don’t have an obligation to let their staff have a day off

The Government has announced that the national holiday will be treated as a standard bank holiday and as such employers have no obligation to let their staff have that day off.

“There is no statutory entitlement to time off for bank holidays, but employers may include bank holidays as part of a worker’s leave entitlement,” the Government said. If an employer wishes to give staff the day off, it is between them and the Government “cannot interfere” in existing contracts.

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