Wait, Toby has said he proposed to Chloe but she said no!

I need this wedding?!

Love Island 2021 runners-up, Toby and Chloe, have said that Toby proposed to Chloe but she said no! The couple have recently been surrounded by split rumours, but have confirmed they are still very much together.

However, this shocking revelation has come in a YouTube video the pair posted, doing a Q&A session to mark their one year anniversary together. In the clip, they said they’d been asked by fans: “Have you discussed marriage or do you think it’s too early?” and Chloe went on to say Toby has already proposed once, but she rejected him.

Toby and Chloe reveal he proposed in a new YouTube video

via YouTube

“He actually asked me and I said no,” she said before laughing. And Toby looks like yeah he wants to laugh about it, but he’s clearly a bit gutted. You would be, wouldn’t you? He then goes on to explain she said no to him because he’d already told newspapers that it would be Chloe who would propose, not him.

“You know why she said that,” Toby said. “Because I told The Sun and other newspapers that if someone’s going to get married or if someone’s going to propose, Chloe’s going to get down on one knee.” Chloe then said she wouldn’t ever do that, so Toby will have to be the one to properly propose to her again in the future. So maybe she’s just waiting for a more extravagant gesture? Or maybe Toby is waiting for Chloe to pop the question?

Also in the video, they talk about wanting to go on more holidays together, wanting to get a dog and feeling as though their feelings and care towards each other have grown a lot since their time on Love Island. Guys, I think we need to buy some hats.

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