Gemma Owen and Luca Bish proposal video

Gemma is ‘nervous about future’ with Luca after his ‘uncomfortable’ proposal

There’s trouble in paradise!

They’ve only just become officially girlfriend and boyfriend, but according to reports, the whole thing has left Gemma feeling “uncomfortable” about her relationship with Luca. The pair came second on Love Island this year, and last week Luca posted an extravagant proposal video where he finally asked Gemma to become his girlfriend.

However, according to sources, Gemma has said the whole grand gesture wasn’t really her style, and has her questioning their future together. A source told OK! magazine: “She played along as she could see how much effort he’d gone to but it made her uncomfortable.

“She was never keen on PDAs in the villa and she wished he’d kept it private rather than plaster it all over Instagram. It’s making her nervous about their future.”

During the proposal, Luca had balloons laid out in a swimming pool which read “be my girlfriend” (note, no question mark, it was literally just a statement). There was drone footage of the entire thing, mixed in with really close up shots of their faces, a live band and Gemma unboxed a Cartier bracelet. To be fair, it was a lot.

“Finally. ❤️” Luca said, posting the clip to Instagram. Gemma shared some photos from the moment, captioned: “Finally official ❤️ Thank you @lucabish for such a special night!🥰”. The comment section of the video was filled with best wishes from fellow Islanders, including Dami Hope who said: “Ran over here to see this beauty 😍😍 you didn’t lack at all 👏”.

Gemma and Luca are yet to comment on this, but if the “sources” are anything to go by, she wasn’t too sure about it at all. 😬

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