Reddit Cbat guy revealed

‘I’m glad everyone is having a laugh’: We spoke to the alleged Reddit guy who had sex to Cbat

‘It’s hard to explain the rhythm, I just used to play the music and get lost in it’

If you haven’t heard about the Reddit guy who’s gone viral after he revealed he played the most bizarre electronic trap song Cbat whilst having sex with his girlfriend – where have you been? Since making the confession in a Reddit post earlier this week, the internet has been taken over by the song as users across TikTok, Twitter and Instagram all mercilessly rinse the song.

The confession which was made by an account on Reddit called u/TylerLife has remained mysterious throughout. Despite posting an update on Reddit a few days later in response to being “overwhelmed with messages”, Tyler has revealed very little information about who he is. Although he has shared his Instagram and TikTok accounts in his Reddit bio, he’s barely posted anything leaving everyone still scratching their heads as to who he is.

Well, The Tab has exclusively spoken to Tyler’s Instagram account mentioned in his Reddit bio. This is the man who is claiming to be behind it all, whose Instagram account is @tylerrrlifee. He revealed what he thinks of the sudden fame, all the reactions on TikTok and most importantly, how you have sex to the rhythm of Cbat.

In his original Reddit post, Tyler revealed that he had played Cbat “pretty much” every time he had sex with his then girlfriend.

“When I first started having sex I researched into ways to be better as I was a little stiff and pretty much had no idea what I was doing. I read online that you can play music and match the rhythm in order to put on a better performance,” he said.

He described the 2011 electronic trap song by Hudson Mohawke as his “favourite song” and that it’s a “good love making song with good rhythm”.

Almost immediately, the story blew up on TikTok where naturally everyone began rinsing it:


Ngl i wouldve died laughing if someone played this during spicy

♬ Cbat – Hudson Mohawke

When I asked Tyler’s Instagram account what he thought of everything that’s happened in the past week, he told The Tab: It’s crazy the exposure this has got”.

The song has been used in more than 100,000 TikTok videos and reached number one on the Spotify Global Viral chart.

Tyler’s account told The Tab he didn’t mind people mocking him on TikTok.

“The reactions are funny. I’m glad everyone is having a laugh,” he said.

Tyler’s account does seem to be getting in on the joke. He posted a meme on his Instagram page about his internet fame which read: “They don’t know I used to enjoy this fucking playlist”.

As for the playlist, Tyler’s Instagram account has shared a link to it on YouTube. The playlist includes 13 songs from artists like Usher, Shaggy, Drake and of course Hudson Mohawke.

When I asked Tyler’s acount the all important question of how he had sex to the song for two years, he told me it’s “hard to explain the rhythm”.

“I just used to play the music and get lost in it. Everyone has their own ways of doing things.”

Having posted in a number of British subreddits as well as a Bristol subreddit, people have been speculating online Tyler could be from Bristol. However when I asked him, he decided not to reveal this.

Tyler’s account finished by offering some advice. He told The Tab: “Just do what you like until you find someone who likes it the same.”

Wise words.

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