‘Do this. Do that. Money arrives’: Inside Andrew Tate’s £42 per month Hustler’s University

The banned social media influencer promises his students ‘financial freedom’

“I can assure you that you are absolutely in the right place at the right time,” Andrew Tate tells his fans from inside a Bugatti dealership. As he flaunts his diamond watch, he tells the camera his jeweller says so many of Andrew Tate’s “students” are coming to him to buy diamond watches. This is just one of dozens of promotional videos across multiple different websites, Andrew Tate uses to lure his audience into buying his online course, Hustler’s University.

For £42 ($49) a month, Hustler’s University will “help you create a life plan that will keep you focused and ultimately, ensure you experience financial freedom”. His “university” is aimed at frustrated young men who are “stuck in a nine-to-five job” who feel as if they “can’t pursue their dreams”. In less than six weeks, Andrew Tate promises to help you gain independence from your job by helping you generate “income fully online”.

A couple of weeks ago that ceased to be the case as Tate closed down Hustler’s University, saying it had “no future”. Following the increased public backlash against Tate about his comments on women and masculinity, The Guardian reported his student numbers dropped from 127,000 to 109,000 in the space of two weeks. However, in spite of his social media ban, Tate has since relaunched his university, now titled: Hustler’s University 3.o. Here’s a look at what appears to go on inside Andrew Tate’s Hustler’s University:

The ‘university’ is on a Discord server

The first thing that hits you in the face about Hustler’s University is that it’s probably not what you would expect from your own university experience. For £42 ($49) a month or £504 ($588) a year, you gain access to a private Discord group with multiple different channels. Discord is a platform that allows for private text, voice and video chat and is usually used by gamers to talk to each other whilst playing multi-player games.

Each channel in Hustler’s University’s Discord group covers one of Andrew Tate’s “modern wealth creation” methods. These methods include cryptocurrency, stocks, copywriting, e-commerce and freelancing.

In one promotional video Hustler’s University Crypto professor Adam explains the “experienced chat” channel is for “high level analysis” and “banter between the more experienced guys”. Some of the “banter” from the “guys” includes “Shit to jerk ourselves off with” as they discuss diminishing crypto returns with each market cycle.

You are promised to be taught exclusively by millionaires

The average UK salary for a lecturer is £40,000. At Hustler’s University, they are all allegedly millionaires. Andrew Tate says on one of his websites linked to Hustler’s University: “Every professor in Hustler’s University is hand-selected from my private War Room network, every one of them I have verified to not only be a millionaire, but to have made their millions using the methods they teach you.”

Your millionaire dream team come in the form of professors who have all seemingly chosen to hide their appearance either through their name or icon image. Professor Silard has a cartoon monkey as an icon whilst professor Luc’s icon is Pepe the frog, a popular cartoon internet meme. You can see what they look like here.

When you join Hustler’s University, the “business professors immediately get you started” with the business model you choose. It promises to be a “positive, high-focus and supportive community.”

However one student who alleges they were kicked out of the online course after publishing a YouTube video talking about the course said: “Make sure the questions you ask are smart because people will hate you, they’ll just call you out. Which is very sad to see. It’s just ‘crab in the bucket’ mentality.”

There’s a ‘pawn’ channel

Andrew Tate has said in clips widely shared across the internet that women are a man’s property and described himself as “absolutely a misogynist”. He’s also said that rape victims are partially to blame and that “probably 40 per cent of the reason” he moved to Eastern Europe was because it’s easier to get off on rape charges. There have been fears that his views might pass off onto his younger and more impressionable fans.

Hustler’s University appears to have a channel named “pawn chat”. While there is no indication “pawn” refers to porn, it sits in a “general category” alongside a memes channel which suggests it might not be business related. There is also a separate channel under “accountability” which  is called “pawn chat warning”.

Is it a scam? Do students make any money?

Within the Discord group, there is a channel dedicated to members showing off their financial wins. In this channel, there are plenty of screenshots which appear to show members making money from trading crypto. Andrew Tate meanwhile appears to have a three pronged approach towards promoting his course and making money.

Firstly, he has seemingly made a handful of websites which are all sales funnels for the course. On each site, the text is slightly different but they all tell a story about being fed up in your normal job and Andrew Tate offering to teach you how to break free from your nine to five so you can live his lifestyle. His second marketing strategy is himself. Across all his numerous websites, there are videos of him flaunting his wealth whether that be on yachts, in sports cars or flexing diamond watches. Finally, he offers his students the chance to earn money through referring friends to the course.

If anyone attempts to look up if Hustler’s University is a scam or if students make money, you are inundated with videos on YouTube or threads on Reddit from students promising to give honest reviews of their experience. Lots of them, whilst mentioning slight criticisms and warning students they have to put the hard work in to make money, are overwhelmingly positive. These reviews which claim to offer an honest and therefore unbiased assessment of the course then have referral codes posted alongside which suggests they are making commission on each student who watches or reads their review and then joins the course.

By preaching how successful the course is, it entices new students to join Hustler’s University. This does two things. It allows Andrew Tate to increase his course numbers at his ‘university’, whilst at the same time, it muddies the waters as to whether the course is actually worth buying and incentivises people pay the £42 ($49) to find out.

The Tab approached Andrew Tate’s representatives over the allegations in this article, and they said he was “unavailable to comment”.

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